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shade in

To darken some specified area of an image. A noun or pronoun can be used between "shade" and "in." I spend nearly an hour just shading in the upper lip of this portrait I'm working on. For every donation we receive, the teacher will shade an area in on this graph.
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shade into (something)

To transition, pass, or cross over from one state, condition, or characteristic into another in gradual increments or degrees. The band has a synthetic, 1980s kind of sound that shades into more modern electronic music popular in Europe. The film, though set in a fictional, dystopian future, presents themes and situations that shade uncomfortably into real life.
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shade in

1. To represent degrees of shade or shadow in some drawing or picture, so as to give the illusion of depth: The artist shaded in the contours of the model's face in the portrait.
2. To darken some bounded area that is drawn or printed on a surface: The teacher shaded in the area where the circles overlapped with yellow chalk. I'm going to shade in the left side of this drawing with crosshatches to make it darker.
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1] were recorded in 35 per cent shading intensity compared to 50 and 75 per cent shading intensities.
1]) were recorded in 75 per cent shading intensity.
Exterior shading devices tend to fall into one of three categories:
Angle-dependent devices generally allow more visibility than uniform shading.
resulted from no shading (control) and the lowest grain yield resulted from 100% shading (1240.
The results of analysis of variance of shading effects on biomass yield are presented in table 2.
Solar heat gains are greatly affected by facade parameters such as shading type (external or internal), glazing properties, etc.
By employing HLSL (High Level Shading Language) 3D artists will be able to render very complex and shader-rich environments in real time, leveraging the power of today's graphics accelerators
3Dlabs and ATI have been at the leading edge in their support of the OpenGL(R) Shading Language through our mutual integration of the industry-leading shading language into RENDERMONKEY," said Neil Trevett, Senior Vice President of Market Development, 3Dlabs.
We are very impressed with the new shading product line offered by Crestron," said Robin Bogle, President of Advanced Home Theater, Inc.
Likewise, it was important to the selection committee that Shade Systems has a long and successful track record for implementing similar large-scale shading projects nationwide, and that its product warranties are the most comprehensive in the industry.
With new features and enhancements, including additions and improvements such as multiple UV texturing vertex color shading, interactive editing of shading normals, and additions to the Saaphire SDK, this new version builds upon Softimage's renowned 3-D character animation and special effects software.
AMD announced today that NVIDIA's groundbreaking GeForce2 GTS, the first shading graphics processor unit (GPU) for the desktop PC market, has been fully optimized for use with AMD processor platforms, including platforms based on the AMD Athlon(TM) processor.
The new processor, dubbed the GeForce2, works by strategically adding lighting, shading and texture to minute elements of a graphic that were previously impossible to highlight individually.
today announced that 3Deep(TM), the first solution for accurate lighting and shading in 3D games, now supports the Glide(TM) 3 multimedia application programming interface (API) from 3Dfx Interactive(R).