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shade in

To darken some specified area of an image. A noun or pronoun can be used between "shade" and "in." I spent nearly an hour just shading in the upper lip of this portrait I'm working on. For every donation we receive, the teacher will shade an area in on this graph.
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shade into (something)

To transition, pass, or cross over from one state, condition, or characteristic into another in gradual increments or degrees. The band has a synthetic, 1980s kind of sound that shades into more modern electronic music popular in Europe. The film, though set in a fictional, dystopian future, presents themes and situations that shade uncomfortably into real life.
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shade in

1. To represent degrees of shade or shadow in some drawing or picture, so as to give the illusion of depth: The artist shaded in the contours of the model's face in the portrait.
2. To darken some bounded area that is drawn or printed on a surface: The teacher shaded in the area where the circles overlapped with yellow chalk. I'm going to shade in the left side of this drawing with crosshatches to make it darker.
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Determining exactly how much you could save through automated shading is based on an array of variables.
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Intolerant trees "self-prune"--they kill their own lower branches (by shading) as they add new branches and leaves above.
Shading systems can help users find a healthy balance by blocking out the excess sunlight, but there's more on the market than the roller shades or Venetian blinds that typically come to mind first.
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On the south side, the building steps back as it rises, so that the overhanging floor-plates provide natural shading for the offices beneath.