a shade of

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a shade (something)

Somewhat; a little bit; slightly. The software update should make is a shade easier to search for the information you need. I think we should use a mixture that's a shade thinner.
See also: shade

a shade of (something)

A particular hue of a given color. I think we should paint this room a light shade of green.
See also: of, shade

a shade —

a little —. informal
1984 Armistead Maupin Babycakes Shall we go a shade lighter…Pink it up a bit?
See also: of, shade
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Whether your fingers are the greenest of green or a paler shade of something else, you'll love their range of plants and gardening equipment.
There was a shade of something freakish when Stourbridge opened their account after five minutes.
Of all the little thumbnail squares of colour on a six-page fold-out chart it was the only colour which was clear, which was not muddy not a half-tone not a dim shade of something better.