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shackle (someone or something) with (something)

1. Literally, to fetter or confine someone or an animal with shackles or some similar kind of restraint. Often used in passive constructions. The hostages were found shackled with chains and ropes in the basement of the hideout. We had to shackle the bear with iron restraints.
2. To constrain or hamper one with some constrictive or burdensome obligation. Often used in passive constructions. I've been shackled with clinical depression since I was a teenager. I'm sick of the government shackling our businesses with such onerous regulations.
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shackle someone with something

to fetter or hobble someone with something, such as chains, etc. The sheriff shackled the prisoner with handcuffs and leg irons. The prisoners were shackled with leg irons.
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The results on plasma lactate, however, showed a significant effect of restraint method (p<0.001) as plasma lactate in the shackle restraint group was higher compared to the cone restraint group.
He was not in shackles but had not received any medical treatment."
He said he was sure he would have communicated in a phone call to BA that the drogue shackle nut and bolt should not be overtightened.
Loop the opposite ends of each tow cable through the remaining two shackles. Before hooking the shackles to the front of the disabled Bradley, cross the cables into an X pattern.
The assemblies, which consist of shackle body, bolt, nut, and cotter, comply with DNV rules for lifting appliances and are designed for use with chain, wire rope, and synthetic slings.
John Allen, 72, bought the shackles in Splott about three or four years ago, and is certain they came from the 253-year-old Dowlais Ironworks, which has been shortlisted for the archaeological equivalent of the Oscars.
"If you can't see how adding shackles to a pair of basketball sneakers is demeaning, you can't see much at all.
Because the jury in Deck had already determined the defendant's guilt, the Court held that the presumption of innocence was not per se violated by the use of shackles during the penalty phase, but that the issue of life or death was no less critical.
Among the annual reports from sections, divisions, and committees in the June issue, one sentence caught my attention: "Proposed Rule 8.100(b) prohibits the indiscriminate use of chains and shackles on detained juveniles in the courtroom."
BUSINESS leaders are being urged to campaign against a Midland company which allegedly makes handcuffs and shackles worn by Guantanamo Bay prisoners.
Eight no-bid contracts Seven shackles shaking Six spangled sound bites
TYNEMOUTH Pageant are performing Breaking the Shackles, written by the company's founder member Roger Burgess to commemorate the Bicentenary of the 1807 Abolition of Breaking the Shackles shows how slavery and its results affected Tyneside by contrasting the privileged life of Tyneside iron-master Clem Tasker, who is manufacturing and exporting slave shackles, with the cruelty of the transatlantic slave trade.
In Birmingham 50 protesters gathered at the gates of a Birmingham firm which produces the shackles prisoners are forced to wear at the Cuban jail.
They were joined by scores of fellow human rights campaigners at the gates of Hiatt, a Perry Barr firm which manufactures handcuffs and shackles allegedly worn by prisoners held by the US military.