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shackle (someone or something) with (something)

1. Literally, to fetter or confine someone or an animal with shackles or some similar kind of restraint. Often used in passive constructions. The hostages were found shackled with chains and ropes in the basement of the hideout. We had to shackle the bear with iron restraints.
2. To constrain or hamper one with some constrictive or burdensome obligation. Often used in passive constructions. I've been shackled with clinical depression since I was a teenager. I'm sick of the government shackling our businesses with such onerous regulations.
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shackle someone with something

to fetter or hobble someone with something, such as chains, etc. The sheriff shackled the prisoner with handcuffs and leg irons. The prisoners were shackled with leg irons.
See also: shackle