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shackle (someone or something) with (something)

1. Literally, to fetter or confine someone or an animal with shackles or some similar kind of restraint. Often used in passive constructions. The hostages were found shackled with chains and ropes in the basement of the hideout. We had to shackle the bear with iron restraints.
2. To constrain or hamper one with some constrictive or burdensome obligation. Often used in passive constructions. I've been shackled with clinical depression since I was a teenager. I'm sick of the government shackling our businesses with such onerous regulations.
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shackle someone with something

to fetter or hobble someone with something, such as chains, etc. The sheriff shackled the prisoner with handcuffs and leg irons. The prisoners were shackled with leg irons.
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Regardless of the duration of restraint and body weight, the restraint method significantly (p<0.05) affected blood loss as restraining the birds using the cone restraint resulted in higher blood loss as compared to restraining the birds using a shackle restraint (Table 2).
For his translation, Shackle has followed the abridged edition of Shah Jo Risalo compiled by Kalyan Advani.
During later stages, leg shackles prevent women from being able
them the freedom to do what they do best," replies Shackle, who was working with gyro London before he moved to Dubai.
In Chapter 6, he oudines some critical perspectives on Shackle's theory, again with some arresting diagrams.
The inventor of the Door Shackle has developed a working prototype that has been utilized with success.
He said he was sure he would have communicated in a phone call to BA that the drogue shackle nut and bolt should not be overtightened.
Loop the opposite ends of each tow cable through the remaining two shackles. Before hooking the shackles to the front of the disabled Bradley, cross the cables into an X pattern.
7 -- Columbus McKinnon, a designer, manufacturer and marketer of material handling products, has launched DNV Type Approved and Certified Shackles for the offshore industry.The carbon shackles feature galvanized coating for protective finish and exceeds Charpy V impact strength of ASTM A952 (31 lb-ft at -4degF).
Although Adidas initially defended the designer of the shackle shoes, Jeremy Scott, as having a "quirky" and "lighthearted" vision, the company turned around and announced it would pull the sneakers from its line, according to ( CNN .
Shackle pins are manufactured from stainless steel (except for their aluminum button) to promote high corrosion resistance in harsh environments.
Useful Products has introduced the patented VIC-LOK Shackle, described as the strongest domestically forged shackle in the market.
The constitutional argument against policies that indiscriminately shackle juveniles begins with In re Gault.
Rusty Shackle are set to play a host of gigs across South Wales, including The Promised Land, Cardiff and The Owain Glyndwer on Saturday, straight after Wales take on the All Blacks.
The body and shackle are made from Xenoy, a nonconductive material that reduces the risk of electric shock, should the padlock come in to contact with a live electrical source.