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shackle someone with something

to fetter or hobble someone with something, such as chains, etc. The sheriff shackled the prisoner with handcuffs and leg irons. The prisoners were shackled with leg irons.
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In the end he managed to knock both shackles out and raise the staysail and jib, and the Duchess filled away for the entrance.
I tell thee, shackles and the prison-house shall punish the next offence of this kind.
Clocks," said the Prince, "are shackles on the feet of mankind.
The scales will fall from his eyes, the shackles will be torn from his limbs--he will leap up with a cry of thankfulness, he will stride forth a free man at last
In all states of the Union we see men, but yesterday burst from the shackles of slavery, who, by a self-educating force, which cannot be too much admired, have risen to highly respectable stations in society.
How can you expect that I, free in the position I have made for myself, should go willingly and hold out my hands to the shackles of a stranger?
Tenders are invited for Shackle d shaped large drg.
Now the pressure is on regionally to catch up, says Mike Shackle, the agency's chief creative officer for the Middle East and North Africa
Journalist Samira Shackle profiles a man who had a close encounter with the group working at a television station in Mogadishu.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to serve as an instant method of added security, the Door Shackle, has been developed by Daniel Deason of Saint Marys, Georgia.
A piston inside the seat forces a scissor shackle to release the drogue shackle from its jaws but for the shackles to separate the nut and bolt through both of them must not be over-tightened.
They told lawmakers that prison workers shackle women's feet together and manacle their wrists to waist chains when they are transported and in labor, although they said in some cases no waist chains are put on women late in their pregnancies.
The LHS and SHS models have a chrome-plated steel hook, safety catch and oversized swivel shackle and bolt.
The assemblies, which consist of shackle body, bolt, nut, and cotter, comply with DNV rules for lifting appliances and are designed for use with chain, wire rope, and synthetic slings.
According to one's viewpoint it is a shackle forged or a shackle broken, but which ever viewpoint is held, it is now on the statute book and must be respected.