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Not bad (at all).

1. [Someone or something is] quite satisfactory. Bill: How do you like your new teacher? Jane: Not bad. Bob: Is this pen okay? Bill: I guess. Yeah. Not bad.
2. [Someone or something is] really quite good. (The person or thing can be named, as in the examples.) John: How do you like that new car of yours? Mary: Not bad. Not bad at all. Tom: This one looks great to me. What do you think? Sue: It's not bad.
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not too shabby

1. Inf. nice; well done. (With emphasis on shabby.) Is that your car? Not too shabby'.' That play was not too shabby.
2. Inf. very shabby; very poor indeed. (With emphasis on too. Sarcastic.) Did you see that shot she missed? Not too shabby! What a way to treat someone. Not too shabby!
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not bad

Also, not half bad; not so or too bad ; not too shabby. Fairly good, as in Not bad, said the conductor, but we need to play the scherzo again, or The movie wasn't half bad, but Jerry wanted to go home, or Our garden's not too bad this year, or How are things going?-Not too shabby. All of the terms involving bad, which imply that something is less bad than it might be, date from the mid-1700s. The last variant, using shabby in the sense of "inferior," is slang of the late 1900s.
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not too shabby

1. mod. [with emphasis on shabby] nice; well done. Is that your car? Not too shabby!
2. mod. [with emphasis on too] very shabby; very poor indeed. (Sarcastic.) What a way to treat someone. Not too shabby!
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We observe that in World So Wide Lewis attributed to one of his shabbiest characters, an old fake of a connoisseur, a remark that, according to the secretary, caused Lewis to lose his temper at luncheon on one of those two occasions at I Tatti; the remark was that civilization ended with the fall of the Bastille.
Indeed, it was one of the features of the politics and culture of the radical movement in the 1960s to rehabilitate some of the shabbiest reputations spawned by the Stalinism of the 1930s.
As Leibowitz and Jeffress argue, "The paradox at the heart of the [American] dream is evoked by the Torrance family ensconced like royalty in the empty Overlook Hotel, enchanted by the illusion of ownership while in fact they are merely employees, living in the shabbiest corner of the hotel" (46).
One of the shabbiest examples of a board failing to recognize its duties and responsibilities occurred at UAL Inc.
And if Jackie's kids can auction off even the shabbiest detritus from a quiet, glamorous life, you can surely find a way to do the same, even if your life isn't quiet or glamorous and your detritus reeks more of baby puke than of old money.
The premiere of Trainspotting, held simultaneously in Edinburgh and Glasgow, was one of the shabbiest, politically correct events in years.
One of the shabbiest journalistic techniques that I know of is the man-on-the-street interview.
The dissenters decried the "incommunicado questioning" and denounced the majority for having embraced "deception of the shabbiest kind.
5, retails at four figures these days, even in its shabbiest examples.
BEST BET Even if Arsenal beat visitors Stoke next Sunday, this season will be their shabbiest at home in the Prem since 1997 - but a Gunners' clean sheet is a tidy enough bet.
Even the shabbiest pieces of furniture can be brought back to life with a sand and polish, or a lick of paint.
After BusinessLiverpool's report last year, owners of the city's shabbiest locations were contacted and urged to tidy up their properties.
Most of them are in the West University neighborhood, where students occupy some of the oldest and, in a few cases, shabbiest housing in the city.
Now Niddrie Mains Road in Craigmillar is one of three finalists for the title of the Shabbiest High Street in Britain.