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slang An abbreviation of the phrase "let's go." Used especially when speaking quickly. Whatever it was, it crashed over by the old quarry. Come on, 'sgo and check it out!
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1. and sgo (ˈsko and ˈsgo) in. Let’s go. (Now considered current slang even though it has been informal colloquial for decades.) It’s time to hit the road. Sgo.
2. n. a skanky hoe. What a sko, fo sho!


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This is perfectly in line with the ongoing plundering of SGOs by its workers as part of the so-called collective agreement.
Differences of concentrations in biomarkers between RASIG, GO, SGO, and age groups (5-year intervals) are presented as box plots.
Los autores agradecen a Gloria Rojas y Alicia Marticorena, curadoras de los herbarios SGO y CONC, respectivamente, por su apoyo.
If a physician contributes $35,000 to an SGO, and promises in writing to do the same next year and the year after, he'll enjoy a reduction in his Oklahoma state income tax this year of $26,250, plus another $ 17,500 in each of the next two years.
The SGO acknowledges the benefits gene panel testing can offer: "The advent of next generation sequencing has led to an era of inexpensive, high throughput DNA sequencing, which is having a major impact on both cancer research and clinical care....
Alan Weakley, SGO president and chief operating officer, said: "Our partnership with the UN and the Government of the UAE contributed to over 38 million sq m of land being returned to productive use by the citizens of Kandahar Province."
TT gave up her job to look after the children and was in receipt of benefits, but as she was struggling on a very low income, she asked the local authority to consider her for a SGO allowance for C.
SGO applies a private-sector ethos that is fully transferable to the public sector -- for example people who work for a living actually show up on time every business day, and operate with honesty, creativity and cost-effectiveness.
Many local authorities looking at this case--a child of eight, placed with a family and friends carer and needing ongoing contact with his birth family--would have assumed that SGO was the obvious legal framework to apply to the placement.
WEDI sgo dros Gymru a Phrydain, rasio mewn cystadlaethau rhedeg, beicio mynydd, treiathlon ac yn hyfforddwr ffitrwydd i frigd dn Gogledd Cymru, gall Tim Lloyd ddadlau ei fod yn wer ffit iawn.
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The second-quarter figures by French building materials group Saint-Gobain (EPA: SGO) indicated that the downward pressure on the prices of insulation goods is increasing, also in western Europe, Nordea said.
Chennai, July 22 (ANI/Business Wire India): Anantara Solutions, the pioneer of Second Generation Outsourcing (SGO), today announced that it has won a Cloud Computing deal from Srini NewCo, a US-based start-up.
He quotes a complex passage on the sub-classification of Zhang zhung sgo, phug, and bar (its gate, inner and intermediate parts), again, into three each: g-yas, g-yon, and dbus (right, left and center).
Ultra low VOC and glycol ether-free RC emulsions, SGO resins and resin solutions