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age, sex, from

Commonly used in chat rooms to inquire about one's age, gender, and location. Typically abbreviated as ASF. I remember everyone being so quick to ask "age, sex, from?" whenever someone joined a chat room for the first time. Of course, you could never believe what they told you anyway.

better than sex

Extremely enjoyable or pleasurable. You have to try some of this chocolate cake—it's better than sex! The exhilaration you feel when you reach the top of a mountain is better than sex.
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eye sex

vulgar slang An act in which two people exchange looks indicating intense mutual sexual desires or attraction. I kept having eye sex with this guy across the bar, but he left before I had a chance to talk to him.
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have sex

To engage in an act of sex (with someone). A: "Did you have sex last night?" B: "Well that's a personal question!"
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men who have sex with men

Men who engage in such sexual activity but do not necessarily self-identify as homosexual or bisexual. Often abbreviated as "MSM." In the medical community, use of the term "men who have sex with men" has been seen as a way to more accurately ascertain disease rates, by focusing on one's actual sexual activity, rather than their sexual identity.
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sex goddess

A woman, especially a celebrity or entertainer, who is popularly considered to have abundant sex appeal; a sex symbol. Tom's always had posters of some sex goddess or another hanging on his bedroom walls ever since he turned 13. She was something of a sex goddess as a young starlet, but she has since become a leading activist for women's rights around the world.
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sex kitten

A physically and sexually attractive young woman. With some new clothes and makeup, I bet she would be quite a sex kitten.
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sex machine

1. Someone who engages in very frequent or vigorous sex. I've just never really been a sex machine. I prefer spending time with my romantic partners in other ways.
2. Someone who can provide frequent sexual satisfaction to their partner. There's a belief that all women want total sex machines for boyfriends and husbands, but that's simply not true.
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sex object

One who is valued or regarded as a source of sexual pleasure. She was tired of being treated like a sex object, so she began dressing more conservatively and demanded more respect from the men within her social circle.
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sex on a stick

vulgar slang An extremely sexually attractive person. Well, he's not exactly sex on a stick, but he's a kind, decent, and funny man, and he knows how to treat me right.
See also: on, sex, stick

sex on legs

vulgar slang An extremely sexually attractive person. Well, he's not exactly sex on legs, but he's a kind, decent, and funny man, and he knows how to treat me right.
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sex tape

A video of two or more people, often celebrities, engaging in sexual acts, recorded privately and nonprofessionally, often but not always with the intention that it will only be seen by the parties involved. The term originated when such videos were recorded and distributed on videotape. These days, most sex tapes are released intentionally to boost some D-list celebrity's career.
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sex up

1. slang To make someone or something more sexually attractive or alluring. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sex" and "up." Advertisers have been sexing up their advertisements for as long as advertising has existed—as the saying goes, "sex sells." Originally my character dressed much more modestly, but they wanted to sex me up for the movie.
2. slang To make something more interesting, exciting, or appealing, especially through embellishment, exaggeration, or sensationalism. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sex" and "up." As news articles moved from print to online distribution, publishers have had to rely on people seeking out and clicking on their material, which is why so many articles have been sexed up with sensationalist language and details normally reserved for tabloids. The CEO wants us to sex our report up for the investor's briefing with more exciting language.
3. vulgar slang To engage in sexual intercourse or activity with someone. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sex" and "up." He whispered in my ear that he wanted to sex me up. Wow, would you look at the bartender? I wouldn't mind sexing him up.
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sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll

A phrase used to indicate a wild, hedonistic lifestyle. Being a touring musician is not as exciting as it seems—it's definitely not all sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.
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Someone, especially a woman, who flaunts their sex appeal; an overtly sexual person. In the film, the man is seduced by a young sexpot who begins working in his building.

the battle of the sexes

The ongoing struggles and conflicts that exist between men and women. Sure, men and women have some general differences, but the battle of the sexes is really just perpetuated by our outdated ideas of gender.
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the fair(er) sex

Females. The term has come to be considered inappropriate due to its emphasis on the physical appearance of women and girls. Did he just say "members of the fairer sex"? I feel like I'm in a Victorian novel.
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the opposite sex

Collectively, the members of the other gender, typically the gender to which one is attracted. I still remember the torture of being in middle school, suddenly so fascinated by but at once terrified of the opposite sex. I don't understand this tendency we have right now to demonize the opposite sex as some kind of enemy in a made-up social war.
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the sex talk

An informal lecture or conversation about sex (and perhaps reproduction), especially as given by parents to their children. I know it can be embarrassing and awkward having the sex talk with your kids, but it's important for them to know that they can come to you if they have any questions or concerns about sex as they enter puberty.
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opposite sex

the other sex; (from the point of view of a female) males; (from the point of view of a male) females. (Also with member of, as in the example.) Ann is crazy about the opposite sex. Bill is very shy when he's introduced to the opposite sex. Do members of the opposite sex make you nervous?
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fair sex

Girls or women, as in Many women would object to being called the fair sex nowadays. This euphemism uses fair in the sense of "physically beautiful" and is probably dying out. [Mid-1600s]
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sex on legs

an extremely sexually attractive person. informal
2004 Northern Rivers Echo News Yep, forget that sissy Richard Gere playing Lancelot, give me Hornblower's Ioan Gruffudd any day. The guy is sex on legs.
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the ˌopposite ˈsex

the other sex: He found it difficult to talk to members of the opposite sex.
See also: opposite, sex
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sex up

1. To increase the sexual appeal or content of someone or something: The producer sexed up the music video with scantily clad dancers. Because the club was bland, the owners decided to sex it up.
2. Chiefly British Slang To increase the appeal or attractiveness of something; embellish something: The committee sexed up the report with suggestions of conspiracy. Our website is boring—what if we sex it up with funky icons?
3. Vulgar Slang To arouse someone sexually.
See also: sex, up
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sex goddess

n. a sexy-looking female movie or television star. I wonder what these sex goddesses look like when they get up in the morning.
See also: goddess, sex

sex kitten

n. a woman with enormous sexual potential. He thought he was getting a sex kitten, but she turned out to be just a plain cat.
See also: kitten, sex

sex pot

n. one who flaunts one’s sexuality, usually a woman. About 20,000 young sex pots hit Hollywood every year hoping to be discovered.
See also: pot, sex


n. a sexually promising person; a person obsessed with sex. Heidi looks like such a sex-machine, but she is a real wallflower.
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fair sex, the

Females in general. This cliché, which is rapidly dying out, is a direct translation of the French le beau sexe, a phrase popularized by the English journalists Joseph Addison and Richard Steele (“That sex which is therefore called fair,” The Spectator, 1712). It was already a cliché by the time Arthur Conan Doyle (The Second Stain, 1905) put it in Sherlock Holmes’s mouth: “Now Watson, the fair sex is your department.”
See also: fair
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Therefore sex without marriage is a bad misuse, and it is no wonder that it results in such damage.
One of the most disturbing aspects of Crash is its surface resemblance to pornography--as a movie full of sex that is both calculated and alienating.
Because the urge for sex isn't as primal or as physical in women as it is in men, it's often too easy to put it last on the priority list.
Kinsey: A Public/Private Life and Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy's Kinsey: Sex, the Measure of All Things, and focuses on the interplay between Kinsey's personal and professional lives.
Since HIV transmission through oral sex is lower than through anal or vaginal sex, many people might mistakenly believe oral sex is a safe replacement for higher-risk behaviors; most never use a condom during oral sex, the CDC said.
As the works of John D'Emilio, Estelle Freeman and Beth Bailey have shown, the commodification of sex, the heavy emphasis on sexual fulfillment, the "resexualization of women in popular and scholarly thought," and, correspondingly, the elimination--or, at least, the decline--of the double standard, proved to be important developments in the sexual revolution.
Ideally, we will stay in orbit by keeping the spark of Eros alive, enjoying the excitement and pleasure of sex, and embracing the practice of love as growth potential at its most thrilling.
As the sex business expands along with the service sector it becomes increasingly integrated into the mainstream economy, earning billions for blue-chip firms like NTT and increasingly becoming a source of direct and indirect tax revenue for the government.
Supporters of comprehensive sex-ed feel that if students are well-educated, they'll be empowered to make smart, healthy decisions about sex and their bodies.
Here the concept of gender as changeable and subjective raises questions about sex reassignment surgery (SRS).
"Sex and the City" is clearly not a show about gay life (although gay viewers joke that while it concerns four primarily heterosexual women, it's really about gay men -- who else could have so much sex with so little guilt?).
Feminists tend to bristle at the term "dysfunctional" but acknowledge that many women don't enjoy sex. Some feminists say that women should welcome drug industry products that may provide some relief to those in desperate need of sexual help.
Although sex workers around the world lobby for decriminalization, sex work law remains controversial.
Those teens reported a higher prevalence of risky behaviors, including lower rates of condom use and a greater number of sex partners, researchers from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.