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sew (one) up

To close an open wound in a person with stitches. We have to sew him up quickly after we're done repairing the bone. It turns out the doctors left a sponge inside my leg before sewing me back up.
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sew (something) up

1. To close an or multiple openings in something by sewing, especially to repair or mend it. I had to use fishing line to sew up the hole in the sail. Would you mind sewing these pants up for me?
2. To successfully conclude or settle some dealing, activity, or endeavor. I was finally able to sew the contract up with the other firm. She seems to have sewn up a victory in the last days of the election.
3. To gain and maintain total control over something. There have been a few rival companies, but most would agree that they've sewn up the smartphone market at this point.
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sew someone or something up

1. Lit. to stitch together an opening in someone or something. The surgeon sewed the patient up and pronounced the operation a success. This is torn. Can you sew up this rip?
2. Fig. to complete one's dealings with or discussion of someone or something. It's time to sew this up and go home. I think we can sew up the shipping contract this afternoon and get on to someone else. Let's sew up this last matter and go.
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*sewed up

1. Lit. [the sewing of a gap in cloth] completed. (*Typically: get something ~; have something ~.) Have you got that tear sewed up yet?
2. and *wrapped up Fig. settled or finished. (*Typically: get something ~; have something ~.) I'll take the contract to the mayor tomorrow morning. I'll get the whole deal sewed up by noon. Don't worry about the car loan. I'll have it wrapped up in time to make the purchase.
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sew up

1. Complete successfully, as in Our team has sewn up the championship. [Colloquial; c. 1900]
2. Gain complete control of, monopolize, as in Our restaurant hopes to sew up the town's takeout business. [Colloquial; first half of 1900s]
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sew up

1. To mend or repair something by sewing: I sewed up the tear in my pants. The tailor sewed the hole up.
2. To make certain that some victory or prize is attained or achieved: The candidate sewed up the election by winning Florida. We sewed the game up with a goal in the fourth quarter.
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sew something up

tv. to finalize something; to conclude something. (see also sewed up.) Let’s sew this up and get out of here.
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sewed up

1. mod. completed. I’ve just about got this contract sewed up.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. She’s not just drunk; she’s sewed up.
See also: sew, up
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