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sewer rat

A common brown rat, so-called because it is often found in sewers. Why are you screaming? Haven't you ever seen a sewer rat before? Walk faster, there are sewer rats in here!
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sewer hog

n. a ditch digger; a sewer worker. A sewer hog doesn’t get a lot of chances to pal around with the gentry, but the pay’s plenty good.
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Jones Falls Basin BC09 Sewer Rehabilitation --a $2.
DRAINS and sewers are hardly likely to be top of most homeowners' lists when it comes to matters of importance, but they should be aware of a major change to the laws governing them.
The district estimates the units discharge more than a pound of salt a day into the sewer.
About 40 million people in 32 states live in cities with combined sewer systems; most of these systems are found in Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois.
The dye water flood testing consisted of plugging culverts on each side of the street, flooding both ditches or swales with water colored with green dye tablets, and simultaneously inspecting the sanitary sewer main below by means of closed circuit television.
The Court also held that Gutterman acted reasonably in relying upon Romano's misrepresentations of a sewer connection.
The JEA W&S business serves approximately 294,000 water and 220,000 sewer accounts.
The sewer system rehabilitation design project is a nine month project scheduled for completion at the beginning of December 2012.
Develop a Millbury Sewer Enterprise Fund Rate Study for fiscal 2007 and 2008.
County officials said they tried to identify all properties that were on septic tanks - and therefore not connected to the county sewer system - when the sewer-service charge was imposed after the passage in 1978 of Proposition 13, which drastically limited property taxes in California.
It also reduces the big question mark landlords put down when trying to budget for rapidly rising water and sewer costs.
restricted potential development in some small sewer drainage basins;
Work items include but not limited to: 180 LF RCPHE storm sewer; 746 LF RCPHE storm sewer; 689 LF RCPHE storm sewer; 418 LF RCPHE storm sewer; 478 LF RCPHE storm sewer; 4 LF 12" RCP storm sewer; 3,510 LF 15" RCP storm sewer; 1,271 LF RCP 18" storm sewer; 206 LF 24" RCP storm sewer; 448 LF 30" RCP storm sewer; 34 LF 36" RCP storm sewer.
A sister company to Duke's Root Control, Sewer Sciences is a leading producer of innovative, effective solutions for the sewer root control industry.
NORTHBORO - Starting in October, the average household will pay roughly $20 more for water annually, and more than $60 extra for sewer.