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sewer hog

1. slang Anyone forced or employed to dig trenches or ditches. Prisoners in that area were forced to work as sewer hogs until about 1945, having dug drainage ditches alongside the highway from one end of the state to the other. My father wasn't very proud of having to work as a sewer hog, but it put food on our table as kids, and none of us ever cared more than that.
2. One of a breed of wild pigs rumored in urban legend to inhabit the sewers of Hampstead, London. My brother always told me scary stories about the sewer hogs to keep me away from open manhole covers.
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sewer mouth

1. slang A person who uses obscenities, vulgarities, or profanities in their speech. Used especially in reference to a child or as a childish rebuke to an adult. Hey, you little sewer mouth! If I hear you speaking like that around your grandmother again, you're going to be grounded for a week!
2. slang The use of such foul language. Well, there's no need for the sewer mouth, Rick. You could have just said "no" like a civilized person.
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sewer rat

A common brown rat, so-called because it is often found in sewers. Why are you screaming? Haven't you ever seen a sewer rat before? Walk faster, there are sewer rats in here!
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sewer hog

n. a ditch digger; a sewer worker. A sewer hog doesn’t get a lot of chances to pal around with the gentry, but the pay’s plenty good.
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