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sewer rat

A common brown rat, so-called because it is often found in sewers. Why are you screaming? Haven't you ever seen a sewer rat before? Walk faster, there are sewer rats in here!
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sewer hog

n. a ditch digger; a sewer worker. A sewer hog doesn’t get a lot of chances to pal around with the gentry, but the pay’s plenty good.
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Developments over or near to a public sewer generally require consent from the relevant water company, known as a build-over agreement.
FUN will also be performing rehabilitation design services for several study basins within the White Clay Creek Sewer Basin.
As a result, sewer utilities and plumbers can accurately locate all defects that cause leaks, certify that relined pipes and repairs are leak-free, and help eliminate costly upgrades to trunk line, storage, and treatment plants.
Local residents' sewer costs could quadruple to more than $400 a year if the plant is built, but businesses would be hit even harder.
Under this policy, communities with combined sewer systems must establish a short-term plan to control these discharges as well as a long-term control plan.
The ratings for W&S take into consideration the system's low business risk profile as a water and sewer utility.
1,450 linear feet of new 27-inch sewer in Don Pedro Road from manhole P10-047 to the existing 18-inch crossing under SR 99
The sewer commissioners requested that the boards meet in a setting that was held off-camera, since the report contains only estimated numbers at this point.
County officials said they do not know how many homes in total were incorrectly charged for use of the sewer system.
Gutterman claimed that he relied upon the description form that stated that the Lakeview House was connected to a sewer system.
Dounoucos, "we have used this time to restructure, re-engineer and remake E/ONE in order to continue its lead in innovative and cost- effective sewer system technology.
Description and Location : This proposed sewer lateral assessment project is located in the Sycamore Creek sewer shed of the East Basin in the Village of Indian Hill, Hamilton County, Ohio at 7315 Drake Road.
NORTHBORO - Starting in October, the average household will pay roughly $20 more for water annually, and more than $60 extra for sewer.
SANTA CLARITA - A backbone sewer can be built in the rural, equestrian community of Placerita Canyon without harming the environment, according to a report to be reviewed today by the Santa Clarita City Council.
A leaky faucet can cost a New York property manager as much as $100 each year for water and sewer costs.