sever ties with

sever ties with someone

Fig. to end a relationship or agreement suddenly or completely. The company severed its ties with the dishonest employee. John has severed all ties with his parents.
See also: tie
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August 17, 2014 (JUBA) -- The South Sudanese government has urged the government of neighbouring Sudan to sever ties with rebels under the leadership of former vice-president Riek Machar, while reiterating its commitment to a 2012 bilateral deal between the two countries.
Pointing to Canada's move to sever ties with Iran unilaterally, Afkham said under international law diplomatic properties have immunity, warning Ottawa of the legal repercussions of disrespecting international regulations.
However, if the people of Scotland do vote to sever ties with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, good luck to them as the principle of national self-determination has been around since long before the current crop of politicians arguing the case for our Caledonian neighbours to have their stab at it were born.
The controversy snowballed when international charity Oxfam, for whom Johansson is a global ambassador, refused to sever ties with the celebrity, particularly after she said that the factory in the Jewish colony in fact benefitted Palestinians.
That Armenia will not sever ties with EU markets after it joins the Customs Union, said Arsen Ghazarian.
However, the 2007 Fifa World Player of the Year seems unwilling to sever ties with Madrid and is looking forward to speaking to new coach Carlo Ancelotti about his plans.
UK Athletics head coach Peter Eriksson insists Jessica Ennis will not be "punished" for the decision of her coach Toni Minichiello to sever ties with the governing body.
We urge you to sever ties with him," the New York Daily News quoted the petition, as stating.
Anti-treaty campaigner Richard Boyd Barrett said if the "powers that be" are unwilling to cast Greece adrift, it will never sever ties with Ireland.
Protests are growing each day at the GW University campus calling on University officials to sever ties with Slim.
CAIRO, Feb 7 (KUNA) -- Egypt's People's Council decided Tuesday to sever ties with the Syrian People's Council in protest against the killing of the Syrian people.
In January this year, the branch office informed Kikuchi ties were being severed with his company because it was linked to gangsters, noting that local ordinances call for businesses to sever ties with underworld syndicates.
If the Taliban wanted to join the peace talks, they must end violence and terrorist attacks, including suicide bombings, IED attacks, kidnappings, target assassinations and sever ties with Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, he added.
Israel's deputy foreign minister, Danny Ayalon, had Wednesday announced that Israel would sever ties with the cultural organization over its description of Rachel's Tomb
The minister had told the Hurriyet daily on Monday that Turkey would sever ties with Israel if it failed to meet Ankara's conditions to mend fences.