sever ties with

sever ties with (someone or something)

To cease associating, working, or communicating with someone or something. Sarah severed ties with her family when she was only 17. We decided to sever ties with the company after their horse-meat scandal became public knowledge.
See also: sever, tie

sever ties with someone

Fig. to end a relationship or agreement suddenly or completely. The company severed its ties with the dishonest employee. John has severed all ties with his parents.
See also: sever, tie
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KELLEYThe US State Department has suggested that President Donald Trump's recent vulgar comments will not hinder US efforts to persuade African countries to sever ties with North Korea.
The decision by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to sever ties with Qatar will deeply and negatively affect residents in all of these countries, including their access to education, right to property ownership and freedom of expression," the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor added.
Bahrain's Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, meanwhile, defended the decision to sever ties with Qatar.
Summary: Lahore [Pakistan] , June 19 (ANI):President Donald Trump is set to finalise a new policy for the Pakistan-Afghan region in which the United States may not sever ties with Pakistan or declare it a state sponsor of terrorism, but it is considering to impose new conditions for entitlement to financial support.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 06 June 2017: The Egyptian consulate in Doha will open its doors until 11 pm on Monday, in order to serve Egyptian's emergency requests, following Egypt's decision to sever ties with Qatar.
UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain all decided to sever ties with Qatar, blaming it for backing militants especially in the Qatif region.
He even threatened to sever ties with its longtime ally.
Many Canadian analysts and officials criticized Ottawa for its naive decision to sever ties with Iran, describing the move as a strategic and grave mistake.
He told them they "would not sever ties with their biggest customer to chase new leads" but warned that is what the UK would be doing if it pulled out of the EU.
Sudan's foreign ministry said in a statement Monday that Khartoum decided to sever ties with Iran immediately.
The controversy snowballed when international charity Oxfam, for whom Johansson is a global ambassador, refused to sever ties with the celebrity, particularly after she said that the factory in the Jewish colony in fact benefitted Palestinians.
That Armenia will not sever ties with EU markets after it joins the Customs Union, said Arsen Ghazarian.
However, the 2007 Fifa World Player of the Year seems unwilling to sever ties with Madrid and is looking forward to speaking to new coach Carlo Ancelotti about his plans.
UK Athletics head coach Peter Eriksson insists Jessica Ennis will not be "punished" for the decision of her coach Toni Minichiello to sever ties with the governing body.
Anti-treaty campaigner Richard Boyd Barrett said if the "powers that be" are unwilling to cast Greece adrift, it will never sever ties with Ireland.