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sever ties with (someone or something)

To cease associating, working, or communicating with someone or something. Sarah severed ties with her family when she was only 17. We decided to sever ties with the company after their horse-meat scandal became public knowledge.
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sever ties with someone

Fig. to end a relationship or agreement suddenly or completely. The company severed its ties with the dishonest employee. John has severed all ties with his parents.
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According to the sources in AK Party with whom Sever spoke later, Erdoy-an even asked GE-l to dismiss Sever for his interview with the daily.
Opened in 1880, the club moved to Sever Street in 1907, according to its website.
It is to be noted that the [S.sub.11] value in the circuit without sever also shows the similar trend in reflections (~ -10dB or better).
Sever and coworkers showed that the calcium channel blocker-treated group had significantly less blood pressure variability over time than did those treated with atenolol.
Sever suggested that the regular occurrence of more than about a 10- to 15-mm Hg difference in systolic blood pressure from office visit to visit can be viewed as a practical indicator of excessive variability.
But on closer inspection, it's clear that - as in other famous covers - Matt Sever has a great deal of respect for the song.
The Combination Prep Tool is able to sever, bevel (inside and outside) and remove FBE and the weld seam on pipe in diameters from 12-24 inches.
Now sever the result by truncating it to its rightmost C digits.
EMI later denied that the band had severed or was about to sever its links with the record label and shift to Universal.
Terminal Sever 1 (Terminal North 1) will become Terminal 1 (T1) while Terminal Sever 2 (Terminal North 2) will be renamed Terminal 2 (T2).
The other try-scorer on that famous Twickers afternoon of January 4, 1936, was Hal Sever, the oldest surviving England rugby international and the last of the men to have played that day.
And second, section 721's primary requirement is that a contribution to capital must be in exchange for an interest in the partnership, but in this case Midland made the payment to sever its relationship with MAS One.
Congress was concerned that individuals relinquishing citizenship or terminating residency still wanted "a piece of the pie"--i.e., did not want to fully sever ties with the U.S.
The PC or sever must manage the network traffic to the DAS, serving files while handling local applications.