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sever ties with (someone or something)

To cease associating, working, or communicating with someone or something. Sarah severed ties with her family when she was only 17. We decided to sever ties with the company after their horse-meat scandal became public knowledge.
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sever ties with someone

Fig. to end a relationship or agreement suddenly or completely. The company severed its ties with the dishonest employee. John has severed all ties with his parents.
See also: sever, tie
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La talalgia de Sever, es una enfermedad musculo esqueletica comun en ninos, representando entre un 2 y un 16% de las consultas de medicina deportiva (5,6,7), presentandose como una condicion limitante en edades comprendidas entre los 8 y 15 anos (8,9,10).
Then-Prime Minister Erdoy-an reprimanded Sever on a TV show for giving such an interview and talking about GE-l's possible candidacy, saying, "He [Sever] is a press adviser, a civil servant; voicing such words is not his duty, how dare he say such words?
In the present work, a novel distributed sever for a planar SWS structure was designed and analyzed that not only is compatible with MEMS fabrication schemes [12] and excludes the need for the additional ports in the middle of structure, it also provides wide-band impedance matching by a tapered vane design.
Daniela Sever DMD of Quincy, the program represents an opportunity to distinguish the facility and increase local understanding and acceptance of dental sleep medicine.
Sever, codirector of the International Centre for Circulatory Health at Imperial College London.
The rest of the new Matt the Electrician album, "Animal Boy," is almost pure Sever.
The PC or sever must manage the network traffic to the DAS, serving files while handling local applications.
Provisional squad Gordon, May bury, Pressley, Webster, Kisnorbo, Stamp, Neils on, Simmons, Hamill, Hartley, Sloan, de Vries, McKenna, Wyness, Moilanen, Kirk, Sever in, Weir.
In addition, a trustee cannot sever a trust subject to GST tax into two separate trusts, one exempt and one nonexempt, after the trust has been created.
As previously noted, the long-term contract regulations specifically provide that to clearly reflect income, it may be necessary to sever or aggregate contracts.
Okara -- A woman died of sever burn injuries over dispute of rendition of money accounts.
Ahmet Sever, who spent 12 years as GE-l's chief adviser, recently published a book titled "Abdullah GE-l ile 12 Yyl" (12 Years with Abdullah GE-l) in which he revealed many details about GE-l's presidency.
Sever is set in a dystopian future where a "virus" kills every female at twenty and every male at twenty-four, and governmental structure is minimal.
Senegal said at the time that it would sever diplomatic ties with Iran over a dispute about an arms shipment which was discovered in Nigeria in October 2010.
Over the years, Matt Sever has played with some pretty talented musicians.