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be in seventh heaven

To be extremely happy. I've been in seventh heaven ever since I got engaged!
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in seventh heaven

Fig. in a very happy state. Ann was really in seventh heaven when she got a car of her own. I'd be in seventh heaven if I had a million dollars.
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in seventh heaven

In a state of bliss, as in John was in seventh heaven when the director praised his speech. Used figuratively since the early 1800s, this term alludes to the dwelling place of God in highest of the seven concentric spheres that surround the earth in the system recognized by both Muslims and ancient Jews.
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in seventh heaven

If you are in seventh heaven, you are extremely happy. After I was given my first camera I was in seventh heaven. Actor Siddig El Fadil is in seventh heaven after being picked for the new Star Trek series. Note: According to Islam, there are seven heavens. The seventh is the most glorious and is governed by Abraham. In the Jewish religion, the seventh heaven is the dwelling place of God and his angels.
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in seventh heaven

in a state of ecstasy.
In late Jewish and Muslim theology, there were considered to be seven heavens, and the seventh of these was the highest, where a state of eternal bliss was to be enjoyed.
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be in (your) seventh ˈheaven

be extremely happy: When she has all her grandchildren around her, she’s in seventh heaven.This comes from the belief that there are seven heavens and that God and the most important angels live in the highest or seventh heaven.
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seventh heaven

Pure happiness. Both Judaism and Islam recognize seven levels of heaven, of which the highest one is where God resides. To be in seventh heaven is therefore to experience ultimate bliss, whether theological or not.
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