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2 -- 3 -- color) Above, a crew works on the settling basins, part of $13 million in improvements currently under way at the Palmdale Water District Treatment Plant.
If the company is perceived as settling almost any bad faith case that is filed against it, the result may be more bad faith suits by more plaintiff's attorneys eager to get more "easy money.
participants, however, are settling participants that actually send or receive net payments to settle on behalf of themselves and other, nonsettling participants.
Over 800 institutions are now settling payment instructions derived from foreign exchange deals through CLS Bank.
Relying solely on adjusters' experience in settling claims not only created problems because of personal biases, but also made the task almost impossible for new adjusters.
Obviously, due to limited resources, we are forced into settling cases.
But industry representatives point out that mediation is only one tool for settling disputes and, if it is to succeed, requires a skilled referee and a willingness on the part of both sides to give and take at the bargaining table.
This arrangement ensures uniformity and accountability in clearing and settling securities transactions and, in turn, provides the stability that is essential to the efficient functioning of our capital markets.
His attorney, Randall Miller, said that settling the charges was a prudent course of action since a lawsuit resulted from the matter.
NEW YORK -- Although the lawsuit filed by New York State ups the ante for tobacco companies to comply required payments with settling states under the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA), Fitch Ratings expects tobacco settlement bonds to be able to meet their interest and stated principal payments in 2006.
Until now, the city had little idea what its exposure might be at any given time, even as police payouts rose to $26 million in fiscal year 1994 before settling back to about $12 million in fiscal 1998 - but still about six times the annual payments in the 1980s.
The Settling Defendants are listed in the full notice of pendency and proposed settlement of claims in the Class Action ("Notice") that was mailed on February 24, 2006 to potential members of the Settlement Class, defined below.
It's completely unfair that the city is being held liable,'' said City Councilwoman Laura Chick, who cast the lone vote against settling the case.
Faced with resistance, a federal judge Thursday canceled a meeting next week with the mayor and City Council to discuss possibly settling five lawsuits against the Los Angeles police.
Tenet scored a small victory on Tuesday by settling a few remaining issues related to charges that doctors at Redding Medical Center in Northern California performed "unnecessary cardiac procedures" on patients.