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When the America Invents Act (AIA) was enacted, many commentators praised a provision of the AIA that allows parties to settle a post-grant review, typically an inter partes review (IPR) or a covered business method review (CBM), by moving to terminate the proceeding.
The images have led to "useful information for the future so that aircraft can be designed to better withstand an explosion," Settles says.
With so much at stake, insurance company executives, claims analysts, and attorneys increasingly face the enormously difficult and risky decision of whether to take these bad faith suits to trial or to settle them.
Look at problems that can be resolved quickly but have a great impact on the company," says Settles.
Storage of a coating allows time for its suspended refractory to settle out, and the vibrations during shipment accelerate this settling of minerals.
For these reasons, malpractice insurance companies settle out of court, even when they are convinced that the physician is not at fault.
This threat of an ever-escalating award of attorney's fees presumably causes many law enforcement defendants to settle suits before trial, even when the validity of the suit is questionable because of viable defenses or immunities.
Where the IRS position is unfavorable to the taxpayer, they can still settle based, among other things, upon the hazards of litigation.
In contrast, if the taxpayer instead sold the stock into the market and used the sale proceeds to settle the forward contract, the taxpayer would realize gain or loss on both the stock (equal to the difference between the taxpayer's basis therein and the amount realized on the sale) and the forward contract (equal to the amount of cash delivered to the forward contract counterparty).
The date on which Schwab settles the account of a customer whose order to buy or sell securities has been executed is termed the "settlement date.