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She came in and lay down on the settle, all soaked as she was, turning her face to the back, and putting her hands before it.
But he now reclined on his settle, taking very little notice of me, and talking principally about turnips.
This was a disappointment; but, however, I, that was to be discouraged with nothing, told my husband that since we could not get passage to Caroline, and that the country we was in was very fertile and good, we would, if he liked of it, see if we could find out anything for our tune where we was, and that if he liked things we would settle here.
an English woman-servant just come on shore from a ship of Liverpool, and a Negro man-servant, things absolutely necessary for all people that pretended to settle in that country.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- The Settles Hotel Development Company, LLC (SHDC), today announced that the City Council of the City of Big Spring approved its bid for the purchase of the historic Settles Hotel property.
Because of the focusing and the heightened contrast caused by the obstacle, schlieren imaging can visualize subtler fluctuations than can shadowgraphy, Settles says.
It settles a series of lawsuits and countersuits that began in 2004, when HP claimed in San Diego federal court that five of its patents were being infringed by Gateway.
If the company settles, it may lose an opportunity to make good law or to demonstrate it is not afraid to fight cases that should be fought.
It all comes down to what you're trying to do," Settles advises business owners to consider the following before investing in wireless technology:
Some foundries use a "settling" or sediment test, in which a graduated cylinder is filled with coating and the solids content is estimated by the volume that settles to the bottom, usually overnight.
The agreement settles all claims for professional work the firm did for financial institutions that failed up to April 4, 1994.
The only exceptions the court noted are when there are multiple parties to a suit and the insurer discriminately settles with one or more of the parties for the full policy limits, thus exposing an insured to excess judgment, or when the insurer acts in bath faith by settling a claim in a manner that bars the insured's counterclaim.
Often, the prospect of incurring high attorney's fees determines whether a law enforcement officer or a government entity vigorously defends a civil suit by asserting all possible defenses and immunities or instead settles the suit.
Over the decades, Appeals has improved its service to the point where it settles almost 90 percent of the cases that come to it.
The first forward sale agreement settles beginning in March 2007 and the second settles beginning in March 2008.