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Settleable solids results were consistent with other studies that recommend values between 10-15 mL [L.
Variations in something other than the fair value of the issuer's equity shares, for example, a financial instrument indexed to the S&P 500 and settleable with a variable number of the issuer's equity shares
1 Dissolved oxygen -- -- -- -- pH -- -- -- -- Secchi disc (cm) 5-20 -- -- 15 Settleable solids (mg/l) 5-25 10-20 <10 3 Conductivity ([micro]ohms) 185-190 249-255 177-184 228 TDS (Total dissolved solids) -- -- -- -- Flow (cfs) (Apr.
is designed to remove free oil, settleable solids, filterable solids and emulsified oil.
After solar tank treatment, the flow moves to a clarifier where settleable solids are recycled or wasted.
Gravity settling, based on Stokes' Law, can be used to calculate settleable solids removal in the free settling zone (where particles fall independent of each other).
Nor is it settleable, because the regulations of the new Europe have to be arrived at through a process of bargaining and negotiating between the member states which permits no actor in the field certainty as to the final outcome.
The final treatment stage involves coalescing the suspended particles into a settleable floc for removal.
Fair value of warrants potentially settleable in cash
The results of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, turbidity, settleable solids and total suspended solids were analyzed by two-way ANOVA (P < 0.
Notes: The bidder shall attach the following analysis for the supplied chemical: strength, free acid, organic matter, freezing point, specific gravity, arsenic, cadmium, chromium trivalent, chromium hexavalent, copper, mercury, lead, iron, zinc, nickel, free cyanide, suspended solids, settleable solids, and 4AAP phenol.
In those tanks, Imhoff cones were used to determine the concentration of settleable solids in water and the concentrations of dissolved oxygen were monitored three times a week.
The Airport Clarigester uses a series of settling tanks to separate floating and settleable solid waste from waste, disposes of the settled sludge, and treats wastewater with chlorine before pumping it back into the system.