settle into

settle in(to) (something or some place)

To become comfortable in and accustomed to a new location, environment, or circumstance. Well, how are you settling in after a week working here? I was surprised by how easily I settled into life in the country. Once we're settled in a bit, we're going to start exploring what the area has to offer.
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settle into (something)

To become used to or comfortable with something new. Once you settle into a routine at your new job, I'm sure you'll feel less stressed.
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settle into

To become established or comfortable in some new environment or circumstance: She settled into her new job relatively quickly. After a few days at the camp, I settled into a routine.
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Cates of the University of Edinburgh and his collaborators proposed a theoretical approach incorporating the notion that grains tend to settle into a pattern of "nested arches," an assortment of bridges oriented in all directions.
Herrmann of the Institute for Computer Applications at the University of Stuttgart in Germany and his collaborators have developed a two-dimensional, Tetris-like model in which rectangular particles with different orientations drift downward and settle into place, filling a cylinder.
When they are cooled to temperatures near absolute zero and held in electromagnetic traps, the ions settle into distinctive patterns -- from a few ions strung out like beads in a necklace to thousands of ions arranged as the surfaces of concentric shells.
They stay as far apart as possible and settle into patterns in which they are evenly spaced.
For very large numbers of ions, theoretical predictions suggest the shell structure should wash out and the ions settle into a type of cubic lattice.