settle hash

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settle (one's) hash

1. To subdue, suppress, or overpower one who is making trouble. The former Navy officer settled the would-be assailant's hash in a matter of seconds, disarming him and pinning him to the ground in just two quick moves.
2. To take the force, energy, or spirit out of one's argument or position. Her comment about the achievements of various women of color really settled that internet troll's hash. The professor's retort seemed to settle Dan's hash.
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settle someone's hash

Sl. to calm someone down, perhaps by threats or by violence. If he comes in here, I'll settle his hash. Now, that ought to settle your hash.
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settle (someone's) hash

To silence or subdue.
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settle someone's hash, to

To subdue; to get rid of someone or something. The “hash” in question is the mess that has been made of things. The term has been around since at least 1800. “We therefore mean to make a dash/To settle fighting Europe’s hash,” wrote T. G. Fessenden (Pills Political, 1809). Settling someone’s hash is not quite the same as making mincemeat of someone, despite the superficial similarity (both involve chopped meat). The latter implies complete demolition, i.e., chopping up.
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