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settle out of court

To resolve (a lawsuit, dispute, or threat thereof) by mutual agreement between both parties involved without going through a trial in a court of law. A noun or pronoun can be used between "settle" and "out." Members of the class-action lawsuit have agreed to settle out of court with the pharmaceutical manufacturer for an undisclosed amount. No one wants some lengthy and expensive trial. Let's just settle this thing out of court, shall we?
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settle (something) (out of court)

to end a disagreement and reach an agreement without having to go through trial in a court of justice. The plaintiff and defendant decided to settle before the trial. Mary and Sue settled out of court before the trial.
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'She's not going to settle down!' 'She doesn't want to get married?' 'She does at her own time, when she meets the right man, but never to settle down, she's already settled down!' Don't settle your child down, search for a partner, who will honour the partnership..!
"After settling the 10 percent, we have agreed with them that they will settle the remaining balance within 90 days," Mr Machiri said.Mrs Mukami Kimathi, the wife of the late Dedan Kimathi, witnessed the ceremony.
In Settle's video, she captured Salonga singing 'Reflection' while sitting down, as others around her crowded in awe.
They insisted that the company must settle the debt for the banks to meet up with their dividend obligations.
Settle, who worked as a special support assistant at Castlebrook High School in Unsworth, Bury, from 2010, created bogus Facebook accounts in the names of 'James' and 'Matthew' then sent a friend request to the victim.
Chris Taylor, prosecuting, said his first victim arrived home at 5.45pm on November 7, 2013, and could hear Settle shouting from the flat above.
The news capped a crazy-busy year for Settle, a director who, after years based in Brooklyn, pulled up stakes and moved with her nine-year-old son Logan to Philadelphia to head the University of the Arts's Ira Brind School of Theatre Arts.
When the America Invents Act (AIA) was enacted, many commentators praised a provision of the AIA that allows parties to settle a post-grant review, typically an inter partes review (IPR) or a covered business method review (CBM), by moving to terminate the proceeding.
However, they often settle most first-party lawsuits rather than litigate aggressively.
Ready mixed producers have attempted to use various filters, polymers and flocculents to settle out the cement fines to clear the water with mixed results.
US Light, sweet crude for December delivery rose to USD 1.22 to settle at USD 86.67 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
Travel Business Review-October 23, 2012--AMD 'Never Settle' Program Gives Gamers the Hottest Games and the Best Experience for the Holiday Season(C)2012] ENPublishing -
Of course, the trend this year has not been for the price to settle in anywhere for very long.
Stated otherwise, claims professionals may believe that the insurer can "bring the hammer down" on insureds who withhold their consent to settle.