set an example

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set an example

To do something or act in a way other will or should emulate; to act as a model for others, good or ill. A noun or pronoun can be used after "et"; often modified with "good" or "bad" before "example." John, please don't curse like that when you're angry—it sets a bad example for the kids. I try to set an example for my employees by always arriving to work on time, replying to emails and phone calls promptly, and taking care of problems as they arise.
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set an example

Also, set a good or bad example . Behave in a way that should (or will) be imitated, as in Dad was always telling Bill to set a good example for his younger brother, or They were afraid of setting a bad example for the other nations. [Late 1700s]
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set (somebody) an eˈxample


set (somebody) a good, bad, etc. eˈxample

show a standard of work or behaviour for others to follow or copy; show a good, bad, etc. model for others: She sets us all an example (= a good example).You shouldn’t use bad language in front of your children — it sets a bad example.
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Summary: New Delhi (India), Aug 7 (ANI): Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor heaped praises on Sara Ali Khan for setting an example of how celebrities should behave at the airport.
Responding to the concerns raised by Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agarwal, Congress's Anand Sharma and some others in Rajya Sabha, Leader of the House Arun Jaitley said the law makers should take the lead in setting an example. "We are lawmakers.
One fan commented: "He's setting an example that there should be a lot more wealthy people taking a leaf off his book."
Earlier, Central Joint President WAPDA Hydro Union (CBA) Haji Ramadan Achakzai put the honorary turban on Haji Mohammad for setting an example for all power defaulters.
He knows quite well our greedy MPs are never likely to volunteer to take a pay cut but shouldn't Mr Brown be setting an example for MPs to follow?
These are big clubs that should be setting an example to others.
Judge Mushtaq Khokhar said: "You want to be setting an example to others, particularly youngsters who look up to you." Barton, 25, was also given 200 hours of community work and ordered to pay pounds 3,000 to his victim and court costs of pounds 3,430.
We in the West like to talk about us setting an example to developing countries.
A HOSPITAL is setting an example by banning smoking outright - even prompting an executive director to stub out his 20-year habit.
is setting an example for fellow corporate citizens by pledging $100,000 to the United Hospice of Rockland ("UHR") to be used in the construction of the first Hospice Home in the community.
and Roy for setting an example of sharing your experience with a younger generation.
Developers, through revitalization of the vicinity of Tokyo Station, are setting an example for Japan to reposition itself globally.
HEALTH bosses in Kirklees are setting an example by following their own doctors' orders for a healthy new year.
Before Jesus has even told his disciples how to be exemplary followers, Mary has already done it, setting an example for all to follow in this faithful act of love and service.
"He is setting an example for other NCOs throughout this command and the Army."