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In preparation for these conferences, students actively participate in setting their own learning goals, thereby shifting the responsibility for the student's academic performance to themselves.
The set begins with #2 and #5 setting a double screen for #3, who will cut toward the basket looking for a lob pass from the inbounder for a layup or dunk.
SARS was spread globally by relatively few people and amplified by super-spreading events that occurred primarily in healthcare settings. Healthcare personnel were disproportionately affected, accounting for up to 57% of cases in some countries.
Setting 3: This is the snow and mud setting (25 psi).
Some comments from the counselor educators (N = 2) who identified a college-based clinical setting as most efficacious for school counselor preparation included, "My current practicum students report that much of their time at the school is occupied doing meaningless, errand type tasks," "Another issue is ...
In the meantime I took part in another project that was to be important for the future composition of Setting One.
In addition to the obvious benefits of having additional health care trained personnel at the camp setting and equipping student nurses for future camp nursing roles, the preceptoring experience offers current camp nurses a sense of increased job satisfaction and affirmation of their professional role.
For most pastes, it was not possible to obtain a stable microtomography image prior to the setting of the cement paste (at about 4 h), due to local motion of cement particles within the pore solution.
Here's a primer on setting your running and fitness goals for the year.
Thus, chapter 2, "Florentine Music in Savonarola's Time," reconstructs devotional song of the late fifteenth century by joining surviving texts with their likely musical setting. Some of the pairings are easily found, such as those indicated in Serafino Razzi's immensely important Libro primo di laudi spirituali (Venice, 1563).
Hartford Ballet notwithstanding, most companies localize the setting if they move it from the traditional Germany.
When applied in the wrong setting, these vendors concede, the result could be control instability in the form of oscillations around setpoint.
Flatware sets were once assigned strictly to housewares departments, or were available at the same premium prices as found in the place setting business.
The speech pathologist committed to the rehabilitation setting works with a variety of patients, including persons recovering from stroke or traumatic brain injury, those with a history of cancer of the throat or mouth, and individuals with congenital cerebral palsy.