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A wealthy individual who travels globally, especially by private jet, to frequent fashionable resorts, social events, and the like. Mark's dream of becoming a jet-setter finally came to fruition after he won the lottery.


n. young and wealthy people who fly by jet from resort to resort. The jet-set doesn’t come here anymore.
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The Llewellin is a line of English setters originally bred by sportsman R.
Prior to show-ring breeding, Irish setters were bred to run across expansive agricultural fields and open moorlands, primarily in search of partridge and pheasants.
And where participants were reminded of their goal, the gap in happiness level between the two groups disappeared, with high goal setters at 7.
Just knowing how many great setters there are out there tells me what an honor this is,'' said Carico, 18, who is joined on the USC campus by Andi's brother, Will Collins, a long snapper on the Trojans football team.
Often overlooked in training and game play, the initial phase of getting to a target will help setters tremendously because the act itself creates space between the setter and the passer, allowing the setter more time to judge and adapt to the pass.
Postle and Campbell bring size to the middle, while Schmunk is the setter.
In partnership with national standard setters, we will aim to increase the transparency of financial reporting by achieving a single, global method of accounting for transactions--whether in Stuttgart, Sydney, Seattle, or Singapore.
Former Ireland No2 Setters has been told: "You get nothing," in an amazing follow-on from Jack Charlton's bungled departure after 10 glorious year in charge of the Republic of Ireland.
We have a line of English setters we've developed for more than 35 years by breeding the dogs we hunt with and occasionally crossing out to other proven hunters that have lots of prey drive, speed and cooperation.
Setters are generally the most athletic players on the court and must possess an ability to take charge and call the right play at the right time in order to win each point.
CPAs help their clients sort through these standards and requirements, and the AICPA supports them not only by monitoring guidance as it is developed but also by ensuring standard setters consider the local and regional firm perspective in critical discussions on areas such as differential standards and independence.
Most setters have unconscious habits that they should become aware of.
According to the report, standard setters should focus their attention on:
Editor Rick Van Etten and I have two things in common that I have enjoyed for many years--Clint Eastwood movies and Irish setters.
We have two pure setters on the court, including one that is our biggest hitter, and that's a big advantage,'' Mardini said.