set your sights on

set (one's) sights on (someone or something)

To identify, regard, or focus on someone or something as one's goal. Every since she was a little girl, Janet has set her sights on being a fighter pilot. They're setting their sights on you to be their new head of marketing.
See also: on, set, sight

set your sights on

have as an ambition; hope strongly to achieve or reach.
1996 Home Within ten minutes I had made an offer…But another couple has also set their sights on the cottage, so sealed bids were submitted.
See also: on, set, sight

set your ˈsights on something/on doing something


have your sights ˈset on something/on doing something

try to achieve or get something: She’s set her sights on an Olympic gold.He has his sights on owning the biggest property company in the USA.
You look through the sights of a gun to aim at the target.
See also: on, set, sight, something