set your heart/mind on something/on doing something

set (one's) heart on (something)

To resolutely determine to do or acquire something. When I was a little boy, I set my heart on becoming a fighter pilot. When Janie sets her heart on a new toy, she won't give us a moment's peace until we buy it for her.
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set your heart on something

COMMON If you set your heart on something, you decide that you want it very much and aim to achieve or obtain it. Note: The heart is traditionally regarded as the centre of the emotions. She'd set her heart on an acting career. She admits that when she saw the flat Jeremy had set his heart on, her first reaction was horror.
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set your heart (or hopes) on

have a strong desire for or to do.
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set your heart on

decide you very much want to have.
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set your ˈheart/ˈmind on something/on doing something


have your heart/mind ˈset on something/on doing something

want something very much; want to do or achieve something very much: When she was a small girl, her heart was set on a horse of her own.He set his mind on becoming a doctor.I have my heart set on a new guitar.
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