set tongues wagging

set tongues (a-)wagging

To be a source of gossip or idle speculation. Just when the dust of his previous scandal had begun to settle, the governor committed a new faux pas to set tongues a-wagging across the country. Being such a media celebrity means that anything one does, no matter how banal, is enough to set tongues wagging.
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set tongues (a)wagging

Fig. to cause people to start gossiping. The affair between the boss and her accountant set tongues a wagging. If you don't get the lawn mowed soon, you will set tongues wagging in the neighborhood.
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set tongues wagging

If something that you do or say sets tongues wagging, it makes people talk about you. The pop singer set tongues wagging by arriving with a mystery man. Note: You can also say that something starts tongues wagging or that tongues start wagging. Tongues started wagging when Claudia moved from her native Germany to Monaco earlier this year. Note: If people are talking about someone, you can say tongues are wagging. They spent an evening together at his Knightsbridge flat. He said they played cards but added: `No doubt tongues will be wagging.'
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set tongues wagging

be the cause of much gossip or rumour.
See also: set, tongue, wag

set ˈtongues wagging

(informal) cause people to start talking about somebody’s private affairs: A careless remark about his family really set tongues wagging.
See also: set, tongue, wag
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His cryptic captions on his pictures have set tongues wagging over his relationship with the blonde.
Manchester United legend Gary Neville has set tongues wagging in his home town by re-tweeting an "announce Paulo Dybala" tweet.
Lorraine set tongues wagging on Monday when she said she couldn't remember Esther as she was quizzed by Piers Morgan on ITV's Good Morning Britain.
A move by former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo to accompany Deputy President William Ruto to a church service in Molo, Nakuru County has set tongues wagging. Coming amid deep divisions in the ruling Jubilee Party his appearance has left many guessing why he is warming up to Mr Ruto, whom he once told not to expect support from central Kenya in 2022 General Election.
A LOT AT STEAK Pogba set tongues wagging after teaming up with Lionel Messi at a Dubai steak restaurant
A COUNSELLOR from West Bromwich set tongues wagging - after she appeared on Naked Attraction looking for love.
The popular restaurant chain recently set tongues wagging and mouths watering after announcing it was opening its first restaurant north of the border, with somewhere in Glasgow tipped as the venue.
However, with just about one month left for Fayose's administration to wind down, the timing of the governor's request has set tongues wagging.
Swathed in a silky tie-dye-style maxidress, with lace ties down the front and her hands cradling her belly, the former EastEnders star and Strictly champ set tongues wagging that she could be expecting a baby.
Swathed in a silky tie-dye style maxi dress, with lace ties down the front and her hands cradling her belly, the former EastEnders star and Strictly champ set tongues wagging that she could be expecting a baby.
It is not the first time Hamilton's enthusiasm for motorbikes has set tongues wagging.
But the amount of scalp showing at his centre parting set tongues wagging at an Australian Open party in Melbourne in January.
However, it was McKee who set tongues wagging when scoring a magnificent solo effort - collecting the ball in his own half, he beat five Heaton players before rounding the goalkeeper and slotting home.
Then it was the film's trailer that set tongues wagging because of Ghada's co-star Abeer Sabry's scene, where she appears naked in a bath tub.
STEVE EVANS' controversial arrival at Leeds and the way he got the job after Uwe Rosler's sacking has set tongues wagging.