set to music

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set (something) to music

To arrange for a piece of music to accompany something. Often used in passive constructions. I actually think that scene in the film would have worked much better had it not been set to music. The way I create songs is to first write a poem and then set it to music.
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set something to music

to write a piece of music to accompany a set of words. The musician set my lyrics to music. The rock band set the poem to music.
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vvWhattheysay Michael Bell, trainer of Set To Music "The form of her Haydock run was franked big time by Great Heavens in Ireland and she's the one with the form in the book.
It was a decent run and with her being eased back down to Listed class for the Voute Sales Warwickshire Oaks Stakes, Set To Music must have an excellent chance.
This morning I caught myself humming "Trees," Joyce Kilmer's poem set to music.
SET TO MUSIC faced what was probably an impossible task last time, but an easier test awaits at Newbury tomorrow.
Before that success Set To Music had come off second best to one of today's rivals Shimmering Surf in a Listed contest over course and distance.
Her Majesty will be at Epsom for Derby Day, where the official festivities for the Diamond Jubilee weekend begin, but Set To Music will be her only runner on the afternoon.
SET To Music, one of the most impressive winners of the week at York's Ebor meeting, is likely to head to France for her next race.
About 20 flyers are expected to take part in the festival, which will include displays set to music and which runs from 10.
Ashton's Two Pigeons is a love story set to music by Andre Massager.
He has photographed much of North Wales" stunning bird life with the pictures, set to music by Victoria Williams, online at dailypost.
State Theater, features Balanchine's Episodes, an intricate abstraction set to music by serial composer Anton Webern, and that sublime confection, Vienna Waltzes.
This four-track EP showcases tracks from his debut album due out in October, and includes traditional Scottish songs (complete with bagpipes) and a beautifully arranged French mediaeval poem set to music.
Appropriate for children of all ages, but especially for boys and girls ages 5 to 9, the picturebook, No One Can Ever Steal Your Rainbow, is written by Barbara Meislin and illustrated by Helen Webber, and features an accompanied by a CD that contains the entire story set to music.
Shot in the ten days leading up to the 2004 Academy Awards and set to music composed by the artist's husband, Liam Gillick, the twenty-six-minute, twelve-second film opens inside a John Lautner house before moving outside, past buildings and freeways.