set to music

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set (something) to music

To arrange for a piece of music to accompany something. Often used in passive constructions. I actually think that scene in the film would have worked much better had it not been set to music. The way I create songs is to first write a poem and then set it to music.
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set something to music

to write a piece of music to accompany a set of words. The musician set my lyrics to music. The rock band set the poem to music.
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Yet if confidence in his claims had been strong, the belief of connections in Set To Music is arguably even greater.
Fancy Free, Robbins' breakout 1944 ballet that later inspired the musical On the Town, is set to music by Leonard Bernstein, whose 100th birthday is also celebrated this year.
Winter wonderland: Thomas Wheatley's lights in Castle Bromwich are computer controlled and set to music. Good causes: Nick Barnard and his son Ben with their front garden Christmas lights show at their home in Aldridge.
??Whattheysay Michael Bell, trainer of Set To Music "She has a penalty but is in good form.
The squad won out with a combined score of 197.030 for their technical and free routines, both set to music by Denis Garnizov.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 1.40 Cuckoo Rock, 2.10 Laconicos, 2.40 King Oliver, 3.15 Red Invader, 3.50 Star Breaker, 4.20 Set To Music (nap), 4.55 Rebecca Romero, 5.25 La Pampita.
SET TO MUSIC faced what was probably an impossible task last time, but an easier test awaits at Newbury tomorrow.
SET To Music faced what was probably an impossible task last time but an easier test awaits at Newbury tomorrow.
WARWICK: 6.25 William's Way, 6.55 Avec Rose, 7.25 Catflap, 7.55 SET TO MUSIC (NAP), 8.25 Cuckoo Rock, 8.55 Barons Spy.
SET TO MUSIC can get Royal Ascot week off to a flying start for her owner the Queen by scoring at Warwick.
While the Queen was at Epsom, 2-1 favourite Set To Music carried her colours and the faith of punters in the Grosvenor Casinos Pinnacle Stakes at Haydock on Saturday.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Germany is due to mark the creation of 'Shahnameh' book, masterpiece by Iranian poet Abolqasem Ferdowsi by recitation and dramatic performances based on tales from the book set to music and painting workshops at the Berlin Museum of Islamic Art.
Grosse Fuge, set to music by Beethoven and created by Hans van Manen for the Nederlands Dans Theater in 1971, brings together four male and four female dancers into tableaux of couples.
Second-year master's degree candidate Valerie Ifill will present "Le Boompsy," a high-energy work for 10 dancers teetering between adult playfulness and absurdity, set to music by The Brazilian Girls and Jon Brion.
of Aberdeen, Scotland) analyzes how the text of the Crucifixus from the Catholic Mass was set to music during the period of 1680 to 1800 and considers the related musical tradition.