set the stage for

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set the stage for (something)

1. Literally, to prepare and decorate a stage for something, such as a performance. During the intermission, you guys need to set the stage for the first scene of act two.
2. To be the catalyst for something that happens later. Their squabbling at Thanksgiving set the stage for a total screaming match on Christmas. A positive conversation with the CEO today could set the stage for a promotion tomorrow.
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set the stage for something

1. Lit. to arrange a stage for an act or scene of a production. The stage crew set the stage for the first act. They set the stage for the second scene while the orchestra played.
2. Fig. to prepare something for some activity. The initial meeting set the stage for further negotiations. Your negative comments set the stage for another big argument.
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set the stage for

prepare the conditions for the occurrence or beginning of something.
1998 High Country News Udall had ruffled uniforms, but he had also set the stage for the glory years of the agency.
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"Sex may set the stage for deepening the emotional connection between strangers.
When libertarian-oriented activist judges such as Fields and Peckham disregarded an objective reading of the Constitution in order to elevate their personal beliefs to the highest law of the land, they set the stage for FDR-appointed activist judges to disregard the objective meaning of the Constitution (e.g., the Commerce Clause) in order to uphold outrageously unconstitutional legislation.
The war that Britain and France ostensibly entered to free the Poles ended with the West helping lock the shackles on Poland for decades, as well as on most of Eastern and Central Europe, and set the stage for China's takeover by Mao.
These three events in 1991 set the stage for a wave of allegations from employees, as well as a volume of new insurance products to address the EPL exposure.
Eighteen pages of introductory orientation set the stage for moving through the book section by section.
Taubman describes him as blustering, erratic, impulsive, cunning, and secretive, but also as a man who set the stage for changes to come.
Managing Editor Wendy Leland said, "For the Washington Redskins fans in the office, his devotion to the Baltimore Ravens set the stage for some lively discussions."
While NICHD has also funded reading research that was the basis for federal policy emphasizing phonics, Berth cautions that these projects are just a beginning that may set the stage for more applied research about particular math and science programs.
The plan was to meet with a number of potential partners to set the stage for future business-to-business and investment opportunities between Northern Ontario and Barnim.
This set the stage for the appeal hearing and the most recent actions of the NFPA Standards Council.
The cumulative trauma from the repetitive impact of running is likely to cause further joint damage and can set the stage for future osteoarthritis.
who have tried to secularize America" helped set the stage for the attacks.
The NIST workshop on BACnet compliance test procedures set the stage for full-scale product compliance tests beginning in February by the newly established BACnet Manufacturers Association (BMA).
He knows that a few well-spoken or ill-spoken words can plant the seeds for future success or set the stage for future failures.
The split in the lower courts set the stage for a definitive high court ruling.