set straight

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set (one) straight

To correct one's attitude, belief, or behavior; to make sure one understands something correctly. I had to set Stephen straight after I realized that he'd been operating the machinery wrong this whole time. Helen told me she thought the moon landing was faked, so I had to set her straight!
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set (something) straight

To straighten something out or make something properly arranged; to fix, correct, or make amends for something. We still need to set a few details straight in this contract before I'm ready to sign it. I've got to set my marriage straight before I can think of doing anything else.
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set someone straight

to make certain that someone understands something exactly. (Often said in anger or domination.) Please set me straight on this matter. Do you or do you not accept the responsibility for the accident? I set her straight about who she had to ask for permission to leave early.
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set something straight

 and put something straight
to figure out and correct something; to straighten out a mess. I am sorry for the error. I am sure we can set it straight. We'll put this matter straight in a short time.
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set straight

Correct someone by providing accurate information; also, make an arrangement honest or fair. For example, Let me set you straight about Lisa; she's never actually worked for us, or To set matters straight I'll pay you back Monday. It is sometimes put as set the record straight, meaning "correct an inaccurate account," as in Just to set the record straight, we arrived at ten. [First half of 1900s]
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put/set somebody ˈstraight (about/on something)

make sure that somebody is not mistaken about the real facts in a situation: He thought I was a doctor of medicine, so I put him straight and told him I was a doctor of philosophy. OPPOSITE: lead somebody to believe (that...)
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set (someone) straight

To inform (someone) of the truth of a situation.
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References in periodicals archive ?
Magazine reported that the wedding was off - a claim the "DWTS" judge later set straight.
She explained that the first phase of the initiative would be implemented through the Command & Control Rooms, whose personnel are highly trained and equipped to handle and set straight reported actions.
The stylish and sophisticated tone for the house is set straight away in the foyer, with its ebonized wood floors and spectacularly sculptural floating circular staircase.
Mr Skates has demanded the record is set straight after a representative of Tomlinsons Dairy 'inferred' he supported proposals for a three phased expansion of the plant in Minera, Wrexham.
That is a matter for them, but it is important the record on our reaction to their request is set straight.
Now the former captain and manager feels it's time the record is set straight and Wallace is given the standing in the game that his achievements deserve.
And it's a record Morrison is keen to set straight.
He would tell me arrive on the set straight out of bed, with no make- up.
The third item Stevens wanted to set straight was to make sure everyone understands that every type of company--bank or non-bank--is regulated now in the mortgage industry.
Team Velox is determined to gain lifelong skills and create intercultural friendships, but their eyes are set straight at the trophy.
Since he came on board around November, the record has been set straight.
My remembrances of John Seigenthaler could be a novel, a glorious tale of a rough-edged kid from a mill town on the wrong side of the Cumberland River set straight by a fortuitous encounter with a celebrated Nashville newspaperman.
The United States's last two World Cup campaigns have both been ended by the Black Stars so Juergen Klinsmann's team will also feel they have a record to set straight.
We didn't quite get set straight away so the way we held our nerve and kept building pressure, and then when we got the chance Jords really hit the mark.
We didn't quite get set straight away, but we held our nerve and kept building pressure, and TURN TO PAGE 53 then when we got the chance Jords really hit the mark.