set straight

set (one) straight

To correct one's attitude, belief, or behavior; to make sure one understands something correctly. I had to set Stephen straight after I realized that he'd been operating the machinery wrong this whole time. Helen told me she thought the moon landing was faked, so I had to set her straight!
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set (something) straight

To straighten something out or make something properly arranged; to fix, correct, or make amends for something. We still need to set a few details straight in this contract before I'm ready to sign it. I've got to set my marriage straight before I can think of doing anything else.
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set someone straight

to make certain that someone understands something exactly. (Often said in anger or domination.) Please set me straight on this matter. Do you or do you not accept the responsibility for the accident? I set her straight about who she had to ask for permission to leave early.
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set something straight

 and put something straight
to figure out and correct something; to straighten out a mess. I am sorry for the error. I am sure we can set it straight. We'll put this matter straight in a short time.
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set straight

Correct someone by providing accurate information; also, make an arrangement honest or fair. For example, Let me set you straight about Lisa; she's never actually worked for us, or To set matters straight I'll pay you back Monday. It is sometimes put as set the record straight, meaning "correct an inaccurate account," as in Just to set the record straight, we arrived at ten. [First half of 1900s]
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put/set somebody ˈstraight (about/on something)

make sure that somebody is not mistaken about the real facts in a situation: He thought I was a doctor of medicine, so I put him straight and told him I was a doctor of philosophy. OPPOSITE: lead somebody to believe (that...)
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set (someone) straight

To inform (someone) of the truth of a situation.
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They need to be set straight not for their own sakes, for they are generally unrightable, but if only to show those who chance upon the exchange who's decent and right.
Here are eight of the most common misconceptions and myths that should be set straight now.
Just over a year ago almost to the week, Wharfedale trounced Huddersfield 43-5 to boost their survival bid, something the 'Field side will be itching to set straight.
| Ysgol Llandudno "It is a shame that it has taken 18 months for justice to be served and for the Daily Mail to recognise its wrongdoing, however, I am pleased the record has now been set straight and that we may now draw a line under this issue.
Pardon the pun, but there's a lot to reckon with in The Reckoning (Random House Audio, 18 hours), John Grisham's new thriller, including courtroom complications that of course won't be set straight until the last few minutes of the audiobook.
The tempo of the game was set straight away by Lightning, with Hunter leading from the front, scoring in the third minute of the game.
Dear Editor, Having read the offering from Janet Gordon [Advertiser View, September 26], I felt bound to reply to set straight the inaccuracies of her comments.
By writing this personal memoir, Becky has shared some of the good times, some of the bad times, some funny stories, some lessons learned, and set straight some rumors.
However, after Operation Ocean's findings, Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger has vowed to send the review to the Home Affairs Select Committee "so the record can be set straight."
The point they had to be set straight by a distressed Gold Star widow, you'd of thought would have seen a bigger commander-inchief stand down and apologise for any hurt he may have caused.
'We expected this outcome, yet we approached the Supreme Court to have our reservations redressed and the record set straight through the review petitions,' the railway minister said.
The stylish and sophisticated tone for the house is set straight away in the foyer, with its ebonized wood floors and spectacularly sculptural floating circular staircase.
Now the former captain and manager feels it's time the record is set straight and Wallace is given the standing in the game that his achievements deserve.
And it's a record Morrison is keen to set straight.