set store by

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set store by (something or someone)

To have faith, confidence, or belief in someone or something; to care about, appreciate, or respect someone or something. It is important that one sets store by one's friends, for it is to them one must turn when life becomes difficult. My brother is not one to set store by obeying social rules or etiquette.
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set store by

Also, set great store by. Regard as valuable or worthwhile, as in I don't set much store by her judgment, or He sets great store by his good name. The word store here is used in the sense of "something precious," a usage that is obsolete except in these terms.
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set (or lay or put) store by (or on)

consider something to be of a particular degree of importance or value.
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put/set (no, great, little, etc.) ˈstore by something

think that something has (no, great, little, etc.) importance or value: She sets little store by what her husband says.Why do some people put such great store by their horoscopes?
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set store by

To regard as valuable or worthwhile.
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It is also time for Japan to reaffirm its twin foreign-policy principles that set store by the Japan-U.
Viewed askance in periods which set store by propriety and good taste, his gift for writing light verse has now and then been hailed as welcome proof that German literature is not an eternal exception and that it, too, was capable of producing a seventeenth-century poet worthy of being set alongside the Italian Marinists or cavalier poets such as Lovelace, his exact contemporary, or Suckling, his closest English counterpart.
Geense sees that the doctrine of divine election, stressed by Reformed Christians, is likely to be especially troubling to those who set store by ecumenism or universalism.
Acquisitive Shakespeare" was "cold-blooded and provident," "a shrewd countryman," a "through and through professional," "a man who set store by material things," who "knew what to do when the wind was rising," and was "not slow to exploit his [economic and class] advantage.
Soon after being elected by a landslide in May, he said he wanted a speedy end to the separatist rebellion and appeared to set store by a military crackdown - despite the army's patchy performance until then.
But the measure in itself would not be sufficient to forge coordination or eliminate a mismatch of perceptions among senior provincial officials, the analyst pointed out, suggesting the president set store by professional skills and experience in the process of appointing governors and give them more authority.