set somebody's teeth on edge

set (one's) teeth on edge

1. To greatly irritate or annoy one, especially to the point of affecting one's nerves. Nothing sets my teeth on edge like seeing these cyclists run every red light in town! I don't know what it is about Terry, but there's something about his demeanor that just sets my teeth on edge.
2. To cause one to be upset, nervous, or uncomfortable. Please don't tell me about your surgery, it sets my teeth on edge hearing about medical procedures.
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set somebody’s ˈteeth on edge

1 (of a sound) make somebody feel physically uncomfortable: That noise is really setting my teeth on edge! Can you stop?
2 annoy somebody; make somebody feel tense: It sets my teeth on edge when I hear him talk to his mother so rudely.
See also: edge, on, set, teeth
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