set one on feet

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set (one) on (one's) feet (again)

1. To help one to stand upright after being on the ground. We rushed over to Tom and set him on his feet before the bouncer noticed that he was too drunk to stand upright. Oh my, I'm so sorry for knocking you over like that! Here, let me help set you on your feet again.
2. To restore one to a stable position after a downturn or misfortune. The program aims to set convicts on their feet after they've been released from prison. The investment from Charles' father helped set us on our feet again after losing so much during the recession.
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set one (back) on one's feet

 and set one on one's feet again
Fig. to reestablish someone; to help someone become active and productive again. Gary's uncle helped set him back on his feet. We will all help set you on your feet again.
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