set (one) straight

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set (one) straight

To correct one's attitude, belief, or behavior; to make sure one understands something correctly. I had to set Stephen straight after I realized that he'd been operating the machinery wrong this whole time. Helen told me she thought the moon landing was faked, so I had to set her straight!
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set someone straight

to make certain that someone understands something exactly. (Often said in anger or domination.) Please set me straight on this matter. Do you or do you not accept the responsibility for the accident? I set her straight about who she had to ask for permission to leave early.
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set something straight

 and put something straight
to figure out and correct something; to straighten out a mess. I am sorry for the error. I am sure we can set it straight. We'll put this matter straight in a short time.
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set straight

Correct someone by providing accurate information; also, make an arrangement honest or fair. For example, Let me set you straight about Lisa; she's never actually worked for us, or To set matters straight I'll pay you back Monday. It is sometimes put as set the record straight, meaning "correct an inaccurate account," as in Just to set the record straight, we arrived at ten. [First half of 1900s]
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set (someone) straight

To inform (someone) of the truth of a situation.
See also: set, straight
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Sadly for her, Pete is trying his best to win her back and she doesn't have the heart to set him straight.
When Arthur Edens (Tom Wilkinson) is overcome by guilt while defending a chemical company, Clayton turns up to set him straight - and plays very dirty.
Nobody on the farm can sleep--and it's up to Honketta the goose to set him straight with her story of another king and a different way of presiding over the barnyard.
The members agree that Marcus Brooks is on the wrong track, and when the opportunity arises to set him straight, they take it.
Oath was put through his paces by Fallon in a gallop that was designed to be a seven-furlong speedy lung-opener to set him straight for Sunday's big race.
Call me picky if you will, but I thought it was my duty to set him straight on the lingo.
However, when Michael finds the positive pregnancy test and assumes Eileen is preggers, Andrea if forced to set him straight.
Raymond isn't in the mood to listen to any more of the villain's demands and decides to set him straight once and for all.
Burnham, who played at UCLA and had LDS teammates, set him straight, telling him current UCLA player Cameron Mount graduated from high school in 1996, went on his mission, redshirted his first year at UCLA (1999) and played in 2000 as a freshman who turned 22 at the end of the season.
It is both poignant and appalling that his thirteen-year-old daughter is the one to set him straight when he argues against prohibiting statutory rape.
Davis hoped he could make up for the shortfall with $2 billion in cuts and budgetary smoke and mirrors, but Hill has set him straight.
Calum, 21, set him straight and George's sexy wife Alex was on hand to lead him to their car.
Thankfully for Fluker, and the teenagers he continues to help, the Marines set him straight.
Just as he became serious about leaving, however, Moreno's mother set him straight about whether he would actually leave USC.
Then a teammate excitedly set him straight, saying, ``Man, do you know what kind of people have won that award?