set heart on

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set (one's) heart on (something)

To resolutely determine to do or acquire something. When I was a little boy, I set my heart on becoming a fighter pilot. When Janie sets her heart on a new toy, she won't give us a moment's peace until we buy it for her.
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set one's heart on someone or something

Fig. to be determined to get or do someone or something. I am sorry you didn't get to pick the one you wanted. I know you had set your heart on Fred. Jane set her heart on going to London.
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set (one's) heart on

To be determined to do something.
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set one's heart on, to

To have an earnest desire for; to determine to obtain something. The heart has long been equated with one’s innermost being, and to “set” it on something means to fix it in that direction. This term dates from the fourteenth century. It appears in the Bible: “If riches increase, set not your heart upon them” (Psalms 62:10). This passage is repeated in the Book of Common Prayer.
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