set great store by

set great store by (something or someone)

To have much faith, confidence, or belief in someone or something; to very seriously care about, appreciate, or respect someone or something. It is important that one sets great store by one's friends, for it is to them one must turn when life becomes difficult. My brother is not one to set great store by obeying social rules or etiquette.
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set great store by someone or something

to have positive expectations for someone or something; to have high hopes for someone or something. I set great store by my computer and its ability to help me in my work. Bill sets great store by his expensive tools.
See also: great, set, store
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They set great store by the new Community Protection Notice but as we all know, these are reactive and of little value to attack victims as a 'one-off ' attack by a dog can be life-threatening and life-changing.
But he also set great store by his concertos and the cycle of seventeen string quartets that he completed between 1985 and 2013; perhaps the most significant contribution to the genre to come out of Wales.
They are Sikhs, people who set great store by family pride.
He is aware bus and truck drivers spend a large part of their working lives in the vehicle and therefore set great store by pleasant and comfortable surroundings.
Online buyers of car parts set great store by attractively priced offers and favourable terms of delivery.
India and the United States set great store by the economic potential of their ties, but their relationship has been fraught in recent years.
We set great store by BIMSTEC cooperation in the years ahead, for which this Summit should play a critical role," he added.
We set great store by our people - they are the ones who work with our clients every day and it is their expertise, experience and knowledge which our clients rely on to help them achieve their goals," said Martin.
French women set great store by classic fragrances made by French brands, which invariably top the leader board.
Our guardians in Westminster, with their duck houses and second homes, are supposed to set great store by families and family values.
While it is possible that the high priests of Hinduism are privy to aspects of this sanskriti that the rest of us aren't, as far as the common man is concerned Indian culture has always set great store by honesty.
It included a whole host of things, from my leadership compass to my personal identity statement, to photographs of me playing well, to quotes of approval from fellow players which I always set great store by (for instance Martyn (Williams) saying .
Cllr Walker said: "Our young people set great store by making the town a greener and more sustainable place to live, and that's abundantly clear in the enthusiasm they have shown throughout Recycle Week.
She set great store by including the names of her craftsman makers, showing that pieces were quality, handmade items, and to maintain pride in their work.
SAFMA-Afghanistan Director Zia Mohammad Bumia noted there were few Afghan media outlets that set great store by facts and objectivity in line with the freedom of expression.