set free

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set free (from something)

1. To liberate someone or something from imprisonment or confinement. A noun or pronoun can be used either before or after "free." The activists snuck into the lab and set free nearly 200 animals being used for biological experiments. The president set the man free from prison with an executive order.
2. To release someone or something from some obligation, control, or restriction. A noun or pronoun can be used either before or after "free." The rebellion is trying to set the country free from the tyrannical dictator. The ruling means the company is set free from its duty to recompense any customer affected by their defective product.
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set someone or something free (from something)

to release someone or something from something. The commando set the secret agent free from the prison. Who set the chickens free from their pens? At last, he set himself free from the inhibitions that held him back.
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Tahir Khan was released but Asad Khan has not been set free so far.
He called for treating the sectarian militias as terrorist Daash , noting that "what happened is to set free the criminals from the prison which was confirmed by the governor of Diyala province and a number of its officials.
Davis, 27, killed her in March last year, three months after being set free.
On Friday, citing Foreign Ministry sources, the private Cihan news agency reported that four Turkish citizens being held captive in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, along with 40 others, were set free with the help of Turkmen forces and taken to a safe place.
According to Dawn News, sources said Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and members of the government negotiating team, who met the TTP, said the Taliban wanted the governemn to set free two terrorist jailed in sindh in return for release of Professor Ajmal Khan.
eventually set free in the courtroom due to the amnesty.
The birds are kept in groups in big cages and must stay there for some time before being set free into the wild," Lyssandrou said.
Lebanese President Michel Suleiman has urged Turkey to exert further pressure on the Syrian abductors to set free the remaining nine hostages.
Algerie-Focus say that while the majority of Algerian employees were set free on Wednesday morning, a number of foreign workers are still being kept hostage.
Robi Damelin, whose son's Palestinian killer was set free in a prisoner exchange between Israel and Hamas, tells CBC News that Israeli Gilad Shalit's release is "worth everything.
Summary: A Minke whale beached on the banks of the Humber has been set free after a five-hour rescue mission.
This report has come forward, when Strauss Kahn was set free from house arrest, as the prosecutors gave him a benefit of doubt regarding the credibility of the maid who was recoded talking to a drug dealer on the very next day of her accusation on a 62-year-old Kahn.
The hearing comes after Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said last week that Khodorkovsky would pose "absolutely" no danger to society if he were set free.
Summary: Laayoune - Two law enforcement officers, wounded by trouble-makers during the intervention on Monday morning to set free citizens held captive in the Gdiem Izike camp (near Laayoune ), died of their injuries on Wednesday, a hospital source said.
The Syrian authorities have released 11 of them, including prominent former MP Riad Seif and opposition figure Talal Abu Dan who were both set free earlier this week.