set for

set (something) for (something)

To input a particular setting or value into something else. You'll need to set the washing machine for 90 degrees to properly disinfect those sheets. I closed the oven door and set the timer for 35 minutes.
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set (something) to music

To arrange for a piece of music to accompany something. Often used in passive constructions. I actually think that scene in the film would have worked much better had it not been set to music. The way I create songs is to first write a poem and then set it to music.
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set something for something

to adjust something for a particular setting. I set the thermostat for a lower temperature. Please set the air conditioning for about 75 degrees.
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References in classic literature ?
Beneath the second dial he found the steel pin severed as in the other, but the controlling mechanism had first been set for a point upon the western hemisphere.
Fragrance sets continue to be the "go-to" gift set for the holiday season, and represent 34% of total prestige fragrance sales annually.
After the screen is set for 1, the screener can read the defense and come back toward the ball at the high-post area or go on down to the new weakside low post area.
A comprehensive worship book, a "one-volume collection of liturgical rites and hymnic materials," was now officially proposed." And the stage was set for full provision of musical settings for the liturgies, with a completion goal of July 4, 1976.
To compile a 3-D image set for a material, a series of over 1000 radiographic images are recorded at different angular positions from 0[degrees] to 180[degrees].
Figure 2 provides a complete 2-D (slice) image for the data set for the dry cement powder with no addition of water.
Hiring goals are set for specific classes of jobs, such as entry-level positions requiring a college degree, and often entail more than one hire.
A typical compound set for pectoral muscles might be bench presses immediately followed with dumbbell flys, chair or bar dips, and concluding with incline dumbbell presses--a truly massive set comprising 4 nonstop exercises.