set fire to (something)

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set fire to (something)

To ignite something; to cause something to catch on fire. He set fire to the fireworks, then ran behind the car for cover. Police arrested the man on suspicion of setting fire to the local post office.
See also: fire, set

set fire to someone or something

 and set someone or something on fire
to ignite someone or something; to put someone or something to flames. The thief set fire to the building. The poor man accidentally set himself on fire.
See also: fire, set

set fire to

To cause to ignite and burn.
See also: fire, set
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I also found the double standards difficult to bear: successfully set fire to something in a science lab and you could be rewarded with an A-star, do the same in the staffroom and you'll be expelled.
The former Kirklees College building hit by fire AGAIN - here's what you had to say on the subject Tear the building down - can't set fire to something that isn't there.
"You stated that you didn't intend to hurt anybody else, or put anyone in danger but you know that if you set fire to something and someone calls 999 a firefighter will have to come.
They attacked the PRT, they climbed up the walls, they set fire to something there, I think a container," he said.
Proprietor Alan Johnson, who has run the boutique hotel for eight years, said: "We had a small fire in one of the bedrooms after a guest accidentally set fire to something with a cigarette.
"Someone had set fire to something and put it in a gap between the doorway and the frame.
Coun Roberts, who represents Flint Castle ward and teaches at a Wrexham primary school, added: "These attacks start innocuously but if someone wants to set fire to something, the fires can gradually get bigger and bigger until things burn down.
One smashed a window and then the other set fire to something in his hand before throwing it into the car.
'You could put the first fire down to prankishness but this time it appears vandals have broken in just to set fire to something. There's nothing worth taking because everything was removed after the stand burnt down.'
He dropped it and the paper set fire to something else and it spread out of control.
The 30-year-old man reportedly set fire to something, apparently dollar notes, which was extinguished by nearby passengers.
Mr Dennis said: "Do people normally walk through the streets at 2.30am with a spray canister filled with petrol just in case they have the urge to set fire to something?" Thumping the witness box, Muhammadi said: "Have you seen it by your own eyes?
As she grabs a petrol can, she's obviously planning to set fire to something a little bigger than the Christmas pudding...