set fire to

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set fire to (something)

To ignite something; to cause something to catch on fire. He set fire to the fireworks, then ran behind the car for cover. Police arrested the man on suspicion of setting fire to the local post office.
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set fire to someone or something

 and set someone or something on fire
to ignite someone or something; to put someone or something to flames. The thief set fire to the building. The poor man accidentally set himself on fire.
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set fire to

To cause to ignite and burn.
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References in classic literature ?
Perhaps the flames will set fire to all that miserable wooden country, and if it does the loss will be very small and the Gargoyles never will be missed.
he exclaimed with fury, ``thou hast not set fire to it?
And after listening attentively for some time Coifi again cried out, "'I advise, O King, that we instantly abjure and set fire to those temples and altars which we have consecrated without reaping any benefit from them.
Sire, if my name was Fouquet, and people treated me in that manner, I would swallow at a single gulp all sorts of fireworks and other things, and I would set fire to them, and send myself and everybody else in blown-up atoms to the sky.
The National Guard's Medjez El Bab Research and Investigation Brigade said the suspect had cut down forest trees without authorisation and set fire to them to exract coal, the Ministry added.
Officers are appealing for witnesses to the crime, and they say that it was done deliberately with fuel being used to set fire to the empty vehicles.
He set fire to a wheelie bin and rang 999 himself - but was "disappointed" when neighbours put it out before fire crews arrived.
Brown had a set of keys for the chapel because he was a volunteer cleaner - and he had sneaked in to set fire to a dust sheet before walking home.
AN arsonist who set fire to her prison cell three times needed a life sentence to protect the public, top judges have ruled.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A municipal police chief maintained in court that a former deputy chief of the ystanbul Police Department had instructed them to set fire to tents erected by activists in Gezi Park in ystanbul to protect the green space but that they did not comply with the instructions, a daily said on Friday.
Celyn Jones, originally from Holyhead, plays Thomas in the film Set Fire To The Stars opposite Elijah Wood and he will be at Theatr Colwyn January 31.
A MAN who set fire to his own flat because he was "fed up" of people leaving needles around has pleaded guilty to arson.
They are then alleged to have set fire to the building, causing damage to the internal fire doors.
ARSONISTS set fire to three dumper trucks on the construction site of the Middlesbrough Sports Village.
A DRUNK who set fire to a hospital treatment room came within seconds of causing a major explosion.