set fire to

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set fire to (something)

To ignite something; to cause something to catch on fire. He set fire to the fireworks, then ran behind the car for cover. Police arrested the man on suspicion of setting fire to the local post office.
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set fire to someone or something

 and set someone or something on fire
to ignite someone or something; to put someone or something to flames. The thief set fire to the building. The poor man accidentally set himself on fire.
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set fire to

To cause to ignite and burn.
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"I only got back on Tuesday, now I'm worried about what might happen if I'm at home, will they set fire to my house while I'm asleep?
And then he set fire to a car at Benvenuto at Eastfield Road by igniting an item and placing it in the vehicle.
During the early hours of May 26 last year the 20-year-old arsonist set fire to a wheelie bin outside his ex's address on Lorne Street, Chester , before setting fire to another bin on the property one hour later.
Procurator fiscal depute Claire Nicholls added:"When asked by the witness,'Why did you do that?,'the accused replied,'I wanted to kill myself.'" Fire bosses who probed the scene confirmed with Bews that he had set fire to bags of rubbish beside his couch.
Those who set fire to it - with a petrol bomb - are sick to the core.
District Police Chief Ek Pandorn said a villager, identified as Pov Sopheap, walked to a local pagoda in Krouch Seuch village at around 2am and set fire to the wooden dining hall.
The protest was turn in to violent mob and they set fire to six buses and also damaged several other vehicles on the road.
The National Guard's Medjez El Bab Research and Investigation Brigade said the suspect had cut down forest trees without authorisation and set fire to them to exract coal, the Ministry added.
Officers are appealing for witnesses to the crime, and they say that it was done deliberately with fuel being used to set fire to the empty vehicles.
He set fire to a wheelie bin and rang 999 himself - but was "disappointed" when neighbours put it out before fire crews arrived.
Brown had a set of keys for the chapel because he was a voluntary cleaner - and he had sneaked in to set fire to a dust sheet before walking home.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A municipal police chief maintained in court that a former deputy chief of the ystanbul Police Department had instructed them to set fire to tents erected by activists in Gezi Park in ystanbul to protect the green space but that they did not comply with the instructions, a daily said on Friday.
Set Fire To The Stars is a playful, humorous and moving snapshot of one of the world's most beloved poets.
A MAN who set fire to his own flat because he was "fed up" of people leaving needles around has pleaded guilty to arson.