set down as

set (one) down as (something)

To regard or consider someone as something, especially in a dismissive or condescending manner. It's easy to set him down as a brainless braggart, but there is a deceptive amount of strategy in his approach. After she was caught smoking pot, her teachers set her down as a miscreant.
See also: down, set

set something down as something

to regard something as something. (See also put something down to something.) I set his behavior down as an event that would not repeat itself. Please just set the whole afternoon down as an exercise in patience.
See also: down, set
References in classic literature ?
I have not set down half of the virtues that are vested in a good courier, but I think I have set down a sufficiency of them to show that an irritable man who can afford one and does not employ him is not a wise economist.