set down

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set (one) down as (something)

To regard or consider one as something, especially in a dismissive or condescending manner. It's easy to set him down as a brainless braggart, but there is a deceptive amount of strategy in his approach. After she was caught smoking pot, her teachers set her down as a miscreant.
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set (something) down

1. To record or make note of something. I'd like everyone to set down a few ideas for the next project before tomorrow's meeting. He set down some broad ideas for the story.
2. To land an aircraft. They were forced to set the plane down in the river after one of the engines failed. I'm just looking for a good place to set the hot-air balloon down.
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set (something) down to (something)

To regard or determine something as arising from a particular cause or source. We just have to set the failure down to bad luck. They'll set this mistake down to your inexperience, but that excuse won't fly for long.
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set someone or something down

 and put someone or something down
to lower or set down someone or something. (See also set something down; put someone or something down.) Put me down! Please set that vase down. It cost a fortune. Put down that gun!
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set someone down (on something)

 and set someone down (onto something)
to place a person one is carrying or lifting onto something. I set the small boy down onto the desk and gave him a piece of candy. Set the baby down and come over here.
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set something down

 and put something down 
1. to place something on the surface of something. Andy set the hot skillet down on the dishcloth and burned a hole in it. He set down the skillet here and burned the counter.
2. to write something on paper. Let me put this down on paper so we will have a record of what was said. I will set down this note on paper.
3. to land an aircraft. The pilot put the plane down exactly on time. I can't set down this plane in the fog.
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set down

1. Place in a lower position, as in Set the baby down here, or Set the bags down on the hall table. [Late 1400s]
2. Put in writing, record, as in Just set down all the facts as you remember them. [Second half of 1500s]
3. Regard, consider, as in Just set him down as a fool. [Late 1700s]
4. Assign to a cause, ascribe, as in Let's set down his error to inexperience. [Early 1800s]
5. Land an aircraft, as in The pilot set the plane down hard on the runway. Also see put down.
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set down

1. To put something on the surface of something: They set the boxes down on the floor. I set down my book and closed my eyes.
2. To put something in writing; record something: I set down some ideas for a novel. The committee set their findings down in a report.
3. To land some aircraft: The pilot set the plane down hard. She found a clearing and set down the helicopter.
4. To land: The plane set down at a small airport outside the city.
5. Baseball To put out some batter; retire someone. Used of a pitcher: The pitcher set down the first two hitters. The hitter stepped up to the plate, and the pitcher set him down with a fastball.
6. set down as To regard someone as something: They set her down as a liar and never trusted her again.
7. set down to To attribute some event to some cause: Let's set the error down to inexperience.
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Frenchman Simon sprung a major shock by coming from a set down to beat world number one Rafael Nadal 3-6 7-5 7-6 (8/6) in athree hours and 22 minutes.
Russian Dmitry Tursunov defeated Benjamin Becker of Germany 7-6, 6-3 and Belgian Xavier Malisse came from a set down to beat French qualifier Florent Serra 6-7, 6-2, 6-0.
It seems a leftover fragment of an exotic archipelago set down by mistake in the waters of Japan, a stray Bahama, Tuamotu, or Laccadive somehow delivered to the wrong address.
The court has made it clear that it is standing firm on the standard it set down," said David F.
In some ways, windmills are the equivalent of the marvellous aque- and via-ducts of the early nineteenth century: splendid products of our science and technology set down miraculously in the middle of what appears to be untouched countryside.
The series "Vide fait" (Done void; the title is a play on vite fait, "done quickly"), 2001-2002, reverses the balance in favor of an emptiness ruptured only at the margins by a few lines and braids of thick, vivid colors set down with a syringe.
The Holy See has done nothing other than bring the organization of the Catholic community in Russia into line with that in other parts of the world, as set down by church law," Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said.
At a time of Internet and satellite communications--in other words, in an age of choice--the public can easily circumvent taste-makers, deal directly with like-minded consumers, and set down subjective guidelines for what they like and dislike in films and other art forms.
He expects Tharp and Mark Morris (see story on page 44), who has also recently set down digs in the neighborhood, to attract many other artists and retailers.
In the Middle East, around 10,300 to 9,300 years ago, a crucial but still poorly understood social transition occurred--small nomadic groups set down roots to form large farming villages.
was organized along the lines set down by American bureaucrats.
An official with Environment Canada in Ottawa said the details of the different programs set down in the plan are being finalized by the respective government departments and agencies.
August 18 (ANI): Indian tennis ace Rohan Bopanna and his Croatian partner Ivan Dodig showcased a spirited performance as they bounced back from a set down to book their place in the quarter-finals of the 2017 Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati here on Friday.
The move follows the May, 2017, opening of a Premium Set Down drop off facility next to the terminal entrance where rates are PS1 for up to ten minutes, rising to PS2 for up to 15 minutes.