set beside

set something beside something

to place something near or next to something. Please set the chair beside the window. I set the suitcase beside the door so I would not forget it.
See also: beside, set
References in classic literature ?
Then the heaven-born hero, golden-haired Polyneices, first set beside Oedipus a rich table of silver which once belonged to Cadmus the divinely wise: next he filled a fine golden cup with sweet wine.
Father Brown was surprised to see the whole dining-table set out as for a festive meal, with napkins in their rings, and wine-glasses of some six unnecessary shapes set beside every plate.
But set beside the great scandals of yesteryear, this is peanuts.
Set beside beautiful natural woodland and open green space, yet within walking distance of Morpeth town centre, the exquisite new homes at Saint George have been uniquely designed to suit the surroundings - delivering luxury, tranquillity and convenience.
The park will feature a mosque with a capacity of 2,000 worshippers set beside a tranquil reflective pool, food and beverage (F&B) outlets, a retail centre, a skate park, play areas, and interactive water features.
Benjamin Ariola, Alaminos police chief, said the fire may have been ignited by gasoline that leaked from a container set beside the boat's engine.
Meanwhile, 7-year-old Seraphina looked happy as she carried her new doll set beside her mom.
Set beside miles of sand dunes and beaches, with a nature reserve it is perfectly positioned to explore a wealth of castles, beaches and golf courses.
The tables were set beside the pool and the live cooking stations were blazing away by the time we arrived and there were so many additional bonuses to the experience too.
DIFC-based Eathos is behind Kababji's UAE debut, which will offer 100 seating capacity set beside a live grill kitchen and outdoor terrace.
The short, radiating brushstrokes and complementary colours of Van Gogh's Self-Portrait with a Grey Felt Hat (1887) have an even more dramatic impact set beside the thick, linear forms of Munch's Cupid & Psyche (1907)--presented here as a form of self-portrait.
Set beside the seaside in Brighton, the spotlight is on a team of frontline officers striving to keep the streets safe.
One key interest and special feature of Rome is the importance of regional politics, an issue taken up again in the last, powerful, chapter, 'The Crisis, 1050-1150', where Roman collective politics are set beside papal politics to situate the history of the emergence of the Senate in relation to that of the other communes.
But I wasn't completely done with the sunny side - my very favourite flowers for pots, some gorgeous blue salvia spires, set beside some agapanthus (African lilies) and exquisite white patio rose flanked with pink cosmos complete the picture.