set back from

set something back from (something else)

 and set something back
to place something at some distance from something else. Set the glasses back from the edge or they will get knocked off. You should set back the crystal vase a little. It's too close to the edge.
See also: back, set
References in classic literature ?
The vicarage was set back from the highroad to Tercanbury, and from the dining-room one saw a semicircular strip of lawn and then as far as the horizon green fields.
By evening it will have been accomplished; and as the only one I fear in these parts received such a sound set back from Roger de Conde recently I do not think he will venture again to molest me.
The schoolhouse was set back from the road and behind it was a dusky fir wood and a brook where all the children put their bottles of milk in the morning to keep cool and sweet until dinner hour.
It is well set back from the road and has a good-sized, well-maintained garden at the front and back.
With a commanding position at the junction of Valley Drive and Durham Road, in Low Fell, Gateshead, the imposing Stanley Thompson-built property has a corner plot and is set back from the road.
The original elevation was set back from the canal by the depth of a room, a fact that conveniently allowed space for a pair of pagoda-like extensions cradling a garden, adding charm and detail to an otherwise typologically normal Gothic facade from 1355.
To address the concerns, the building was completely redesigned, set back from West Street and its base was heavily reinforced.
The entire project was set back from its original scheduled opening of October due to a two-month delay in obtaining steel, Richardson says.
New or struggling businesses that are set back from the street should be given special treatment by the city, Wickman said.
Congressman Visclosky's original plan calls for free and open access of 75% of the lake shore with a 200-foot set back from the Illinois state line to the east end of Portage.
Set back from the street at the west end is an entrance hall that leads up to a double-height reception space for the office floors lined with translucent glass.
Contextual zoning corrects the current zoning, which encourages tall towers set back from the Street, a building form inconsistent with the prevailing character of East Harlem.
Some businesses set back from streets have legitimate hardships and may be eligible for variances, she added.
set back from their financial goals or unwilling to take any
Two of the three penthouses --which are set back from the building to enhance its aesthetic appeal and provide expansive outdoor space for recreation and entertaining -- have been sold.