set aside

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set (something) aside

1. Literally, to put something to one's side. Would you mind setting those books aside so I can clean the desk? Please set your phone aside while I'm talking to you!
2. To temporarily stop focusing on or paying attention to something. Set the financial aspects aside for a moment and focus on what kind of work would make you the happiest. Can you two set just aside your differences for now and get this done, please?
3. To reserve or save something for someone or for a later use. I can set the dress aside for you, if you'd like to think about it for a day. I recommend you set aside your Christmas bonus as a rainy-day fund for the future.
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set something aside (for someone or something)

to reserve something for someone or some purpose. I will set a piece of cake aside for you. Liz set aside some cake for Karen.
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set something aside

to place something in a place that is to one side or out of the way. Betty set the manuscript aside until she had more time to work on it. Liz set aside her book for a while.
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set aside

1. Separate and reserve for a special purpose, as in We have to set aside some chairs for latecomers. [Early 1700s] Also see set by.
2. Discard or reject, as in Setting aside all health considerations, do you believe this law is fair to smokers? [Early 1400s]
3. Declare invalid, annul, or overrule, as in The higher court set aside the conviction. [Mid-1700s] Also see lay aside.
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set aside

1. To separate and reserve something for a special purpose: We set aside some time to discuss the new project. The developer set two acres aside for a park.
2. To discard or reject something: He set aside his concerns and allowed his child to go on the field trip. She set her fears aside and continued down the dark trail.
3. To declare something invalid; annul or overrule something: The judge set aside a lower court ruling. The appellate court set the conviction aside, and the prisoner was released.
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If we consider the set aside policy against this year's situation with the disastrous floods and crop yields down by a third in some areas, then we can see that it will exacerbate the problem.
In an attempt to mitigate subsidy risk, many CCRCs typically use an average or median life expectancy statistic to estimate how much longer a resident will need care versus the financial resources set aside for that care.
For the vinaigrette: Combine all ingredients in a bowl and whisk well; set aside.
The trade group said requiring insurers to set aside money would limit their ability to diversify risk because mandating one approach would hinder insurers from developing their own solutions.
83 and the regulations thereunder to tax the employee's beneficial interest in the property set aside from the claims of creditors (i.
The court then examined whether the foreclosure sale, if it had been determined to be valid, should be vacated and set aside anyway, on other grounds.
There are no legal provisions requiring the city to set aside funds needed to repay the note principal and interest prior to their coming due, although it intends to segregate the full principal amount in April.
Issues of equity, of the rights of property owners, and of how and what should be set aside will take a long time to resolve, he says.
The PASS work incentive provision of the SSI program allows people with disabilities to set aside income and/or resources to be used to achieve a specific work goal.
10,465,000 housing set aside tax allocation bonds, 2006 series A.
MC) had set aside a significant amount for settling PPI claims last year.
The law creating the HUBZone program states that a contract "shall" be set aside for HUBZone companies if two of them are capable of performing the work.
Dutton filed suit in Tax Court requesting that relief and asking for the previously accepted offer in compromise to be set aside so he could receive a refund.