set apart from

set (someone, something, or oneself) apart (from someone or something)

To do something that makes someone, something, or oneself noticeable, remarkable, or distinct (in comparison to someone or something else). The author's brilliant wit really sets her apart from other contemporary writers today. The city sets itself apart by incorporating its metropolitan elements with the surrounding forestry, rather than supplanting it. But it's the incredible display that really sets this device apart from other smartphones in the same price range.
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set something apart from (something else)

1. to move something so it is away from something else. Set the old ones apart from the others so we can sell them first. The stale loaves were set apart from the fresh ones.
2. to make something stand out when compared to something else. The bright green really sets this plant apart from the others. Her golden hair sets her apart from all the others.
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References in classic literature ?
The Mice thought that the cause of their frequent defeats was that they had no leaders set apart from the general army to command them, and that they were exposed to dangers from lack of discipline.
It was my disaster first to be set apart for, and then to be set apart from the honor of that sacred employ."
A: Balmex AdultCare is set apart from the competition by offering a zinc oxide formula, the standard for care, and enhancing the product with FEI.
'We don't want to just be set apart from our neighbors.
Set apart from the hotel as a rustic series of buildings strung out along the pristine, white sand and featuring a large sunset terrace that prides itself on breathtaking sunset views, the beach venue will serve a selection of fresh seafood, light meals and sumptuous snacks, cooked with simplicity by Chef Ishtiaq Mirza, a statement from an official said.
We are not researchers set apart from the real world
The flats cost from EUR9,000 to EUR21,000 for a 30-year lease and are set apart from the rest of the resort with its own underground car park and private lift to the four floors.
"If you are looking for a night out set apart from any other then get dressed up and down here early."
The company installed pavers that are set apart from one another to allow storm water to percolate down between the brick to the gravel beneath it, dissipating by itself rather than entering the city's storm drain system.
It is not a kingdom that is totally set apart from the world but is rather on wholly different terms.
Paying careful attention to detail and subtext and drawing support from ancient and modern scholars, Goodman paints us a portrait of a lonely, loveless and surprisingly modern man, set apart from the rest of the world and doomed from his miraculous conception to fulfill a Divine mission he neither understands nor has the power to preempt.
It is also set apart from its neighbours by its Latin culture and Romanic language, said Dan Luca, project coordinator for a survey on Romania's image in Brussels conducted by the Club Romania-UE, which brings together Romanians working in Belgium.