set an example

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set an example

To do something or act in a way other will or should emulate; to act as a model for others, good or ill. A noun or pronoun can be used after "et"; often modified with "good" or "bad" before "example." John, please don't curse like that when you're angry—it sets a bad example for the kids. I try to set an example for my employees by always arriving to work on time, replying to emails and phone calls promptly, and taking care of problems as they arise.
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set an example

Also, set a good or bad example . Behave in a way that should (or will) be imitated, as in Dad was always telling Bill to set a good example for his younger brother, or They were afraid of setting a bad example for the other nations. [Late 1700s]
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set (somebody) an eˈxample


set (somebody) a good, bad, etc. eˈxample

show a standard of work or behaviour for others to follow or copy; show a good, bad, etc. model for others: She sets us all an example (= a good example).You shouldn’t use bad language in front of your children — it sets a bad example.
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Yes, the Government can set an example but it is time to turn political fire again on the private sector and those who do not pay their bills.
The senator reiterated her appeal to the PNP chief to set an example by punishing rogue cops.
4 percent pay rise this year, after the executive set an example against excessive pay increases.
org said government procurement practises needed to set an example by committing to awarding contracts to smaller firms, rather than relying on larger businesses.
Summary: Campaigners urge rich countries to set an example by cutting their emissions by 40 per cent by 2020 without carbon offsetting.
Strauss, who passed 5,000 runs as he notched his highest Test score against Australia, claimed his big knock was vital to set an example to his side.
FOOTBALLER Joey Barton was told to set an example to fans who idolised him by the judge who spared him jail.
If the Home Secretary wants us to control the alcohol consumption and the rowdy behaviour of our young people, she ought to set an example by controlling such consumption and behaviour first in the Palace of Westminster I did not see this week's broadcast of Prime Minister's Questions.
I think they should set an example to the general public.
His group and the American Life League could set an example for the rest of the population and put a stop to ejaculation by choice.
Embracing sustainable design allows colleges and universities to lead by example and set an example for students and the public to follow.
We can set an example that may greatly influence the pace of convergence activities and timetables in many other countries and at the same time ensure the global standard-setting process fully considers our views.
VANCOUVER -- Canada's largest employer, the federal government, will pull together its many and disparate mental health services for it employees and set an example in dealing with its own workplace mental health issues.
The trust's director of public health, Dr Judith Hooper, said the board members had to set an example.