set above

set (someone or something) above (someone or something)

1. Literally, to place or designate someone or something in a higher position than someone or something else. I want to set our wedding photo above the mantelpiece in the living room. The cabin only had bunk beds because it was so small, so we took the bottom bunk and set the kids in the one above us.
2. By extension, to set greater value on someone or something, or to regard someone or something more highly or favorably, than someone or something else. You really shouldn't set the needs of your company above the needs of your family. I always felt like Mom set our baby brother above Tommy and me when we were growing up.
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set someone or something above someone or something

1. to place someone or something in a physical location higher than someone or something. Timmy's dad set him above the others so he could see better. I set the trophy above the television on a little shelf.
2. to regard someone or something as better than someone or something else. Fred set his wife and children above everyone else. Gene set his job above his family.
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References in classic literature ?
But I have not faith that it would be so with me, for since my affections have been set above measure on you, I have had less peace and joy in God.
Excavations began in 2018 and revealed two Chalcolithic round houses, as well as some enigmatic stone features and a large fire installation, which featured preserved parts of a heavily burned clay superstructure and a stone-lined access point set above a deep, ash-filled pit with brick fragments at the bottom.
"Failure to observe the fare rates set above shall be penalized under Joint Administrative Order No.
A brochure by Strutt & Parker says of it: "A magnificent contemporary family home, with flexible accommodation and stunning views set above the Cheshire Plain.
An expression of the passage of time, the hands - two elongated diamonds and an arrow - are stylised fragments of tattoos, set above a hypnotic chronographic movement.
However, the good news is that by the end of the night you won't feel at all cheated by a show that hits hard on the gag ratio, uses brilliantly choreographed slapstick and sublime creative innovation - the scene set above the bank manager Mr Freeboys' office is perfectly constructed - to deliver a production that will leave you laughing from first minute to last.
Speaking about The Residences JLT, the developer said the tower will feature 80 luxury residential units including two, three, four and five-bedroom apartments, as well as full floor penthouses, set above a five-star hotel that will be managed by Taj Hotels & Resorts.
The holiday park, set above Caerwys, is listed as a Hoseason's holiday d i destination.
In conjunction, the casing will be followed by drilling the 171/2 inch hole to an estimated depth of 1,678 metres below sea bottom, where the 13-3/8-inch casing will be set above the potentially hydrocarbon-bearing intervals at a depth of approximately 1,980 metres below sea bottom, concluded the company.
Check out photos from the set above for more on what's to come in Season 13, episode 4 of "Grey's Anatomy."
Set above a random stone wall, the panels form a sequence of organic forms in ceramics to contrast with the inorganic nature of the building.
Today Stocksfield Plants and Gardens Society, annual plant sale, Stocksfield Community Centre,10.30am Tomorrow National Gardens Scheme, gardens open for charity.Croft Hall, Croft-on-Tees, three miles south of Darlington, five-acre garden with lavender walk, herbaceous border and fruit and vegetable plots, plus two ponds and topiary arched wall, entry PS4, 2-6pm; Lilburn Tower, three miles south of Wooler on A697, 10 acres of walled and formal gardens set above river, Victorian conservatory, scented garden and rose parterre and glasshouse with vines, plus 30 acres of woodland with walks and ruins of 12th Century church, entry PS5, 2-6pm.
The 5,700-plus-square-foot residence, set above the street on a triangular-shaped parcel of more than one-third of an acre in the Westwood 'hood just west of UCLA, has five bedrooms and five bathrooms that include a sizable master suite with fireplace, sitting area beneath circular skylight, covered terrace, bathroom with second fireplace, private office and adjoining gym.