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all set

Prepared, ready, or primed to begin or complete a task at hand. Once I iron my shirt, I'll be all set for the date tonight.
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slang In community card poker, a hand containing two cards that have the same face value as one of the cards on the board following the flop. I had been bluffing when I raised my bet with just a pair of aces, but luckily the flop revealed an ace that gave me a set.
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*(all) set

(to do something) prepared or ready to do something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Are you set to cook the steaks? Yes, the fire is ready, and I'm all set to start.
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1. n. a period of time that a band plays without a break; a thirty-minute jam session. We do two sets and then take a twenty-minute break.
2. n. a party. Your set was a totally major bash!
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put a good/bold face on something, to

To make the best of things. This term has been around since the fourteenth century, and the practice itself, of pretending things are better than they are, is no doubt much older. “Set a good face on a bad matter,” wrote Humphrey Gifford (A Posie of Gilloflowers, 1580).
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References in classic literature ?
She will then be frightened, and will desire you to go to bed with her; on this you must not point blank refuse her, for you want her to set your companions free, and to take good care also of yourself, but you must make her swear solemnly by all the blessed gods that she will plot no further mischief against you, or else when she has got you naked she will unman you and make you fit for nothing.'
She set me on a richly decorated seat inlaid with silver, there was a footstool also under my feet, and she mixed a mess in a golden goblet for me to drink; but she drugged it, for she meant me mischief.
"Meanwhile her four servants, who are her housemaids, set about their work.
"And I said, 'Circe, no man with any sense of what is right can think of either eating or drinking in your house until you have set his friends free and let him see them.
"'You will want no guide,' she answered; 'raise your mast, set your white sails, sit quite still, and the North Wind will blow you there of itself.
We have no idea where the sun either sets or rises, {85} so that we do not even know East from West.
So he set out once more on his journey, sighing, and in great despair, when on a sudden his friend the fox met him, and said, 'You see now what has happened on account of your not listening to my counsel.
Then the old fox came once more, and scolded him for not following his advice; otherwise no evil would have befallen him: 'Yet,' said he, 'I cannot leave you here, so lay hold of my tail and hold fast.' Then he pulled him out of the river, and said to him, as he got upon the bank, 'Your brothers have set watch to kill you, if they find you in the kingdom.' So he dressed himself as a poor man, and came secretly to the king's court, and was scarcely within the doors when the horse began to eat, and the bird to sing, and princess left off weeping.
In 1859, in the month of August, the young traveller, Roscher, from Hamburg, set out with a caravan of Arab merchants, reached Lake Nyassa, and was there assassinated while he slept.
Still, if I believe that I can set going a better method of treatment-- if I believe that I can pursue certain observations and inquiries which may be a lasting benefit to medical practice, I should be a base truckler if I allowed any consideration of personal comfort to hinder me.
For Raleigh promised, if he were set free, to seek once more the fabled Golden City, and this time he swore to find it and bring home treasure untold to his master the King.
Raleigh was ready to set off again at once to discover more of Guiana.
Prince Henry just before his death had wrung an unwilling promise from the King his father that Raleigh should be set free.
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Both Noor Zaman and Tayyub Rauf played well and some fine shorts were also witnessed with Noor took the first set very easily and that so the second set but lost the third and fourth sets against Tayyub Rauf of Punjab.