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bull session

Any informal, spontaneous, and lengthy conversation or discussion among a group of people, especially men. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. My co-workers and I like to have bull sessions in the restaurant after we close for the night.
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in session

[of a court, congress, or other organization] operating or functioning. Use of cameras is forbidden while the meeting is in session. The spectators must remain quiet while court is in session.
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jam session

an informal session where musicians play together. Andy and Nick had a jam session last night and kept all the neighbors awake.
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rump session

a meeting held after a larger meeting. A rump session continued after the meeting was adjourned. A lot of business was conducted in the rump session.
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bull session

An informal discussion, as in College students love late-night bull sessions about anything and everything, from professors to poetry to politics . This expression originally referred to an exchange of opinions and anecdotes, including stories of sexual prowess, by men, and then came to be used more broadly. [Slang; c. 1915]
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bitch session

n. a session of complaining; an informal gripe session. (see also bitch. Usually objectionable.) We were just having a bitch session. Come on in.
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bull session

n. a session of casual conversation. The gals were sitting around enjoying a bull session.
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rap session

n. an informal conversation session. The kids settled down for a long rap session.
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1. n. a drinking bout. He was just sobering up from a session with the bottle.
2. n. a marijuana-smoking session; time spent on a drug high. (Collegiate.) What a fine session that was!

bull session

An informal discussion. A bull session was originally a late-night college men's dormitory conversation with a wide range of topics—politics, sex, sports, sex, religion, sex . . . The word “bull,” which meant something boastful or outlandish, came from—no surprise here—“bullshit.”
See also: bull, session
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So, in changing times nothing really changes for sessional workers.
Institutional POWERS have aligned to discipline sessional instructors: administrations that exploit sessional labour for increased institutional profit; departments that unload supra-contractual work on sessionals under the auspices of professional development; TENURED FACULTY members who treat sessionals as second-class intellectuals, failing to respect their contractual limitations; students who are increasingly aware of, and eager to exploit, the relationship between course evaluations and the renewal of sessional contracts.
If this is to be funded with EU grants as expected, these sessional workers will be out on their ear after six months and the training process will have to start again.
On Mondays 'this goes on a bit' (often because weekend sessional doctors 'haven't followed local protocols'), and sometimes discussion evolves into invaluable case reports.
I did my pre-reg in hospital and have maintained contact on a sessional basis for most of the last 35 years.
During his time there he has been involved with sessional work for minor UK films.
A CSSIW and Wales PPA registered playgroup for children aged 2 to5 which offers gymnastics, cheer and dance tuition as part of its sessional care.
He was a sessional lecturer at Acadia University for many years.
The Stop The War Coalition said an 1839 Sessional Order was being used to try to prevent people marching from Trafalgar Square in central London to Parliament next Monday.
The police claim that the ban is to do with the sessional order that prevents demonstrations when Parliament is sitting.
But the drafting of a Parliamentary Sessional Paper to enable the Government to assume the company's liabilities took too long.
This relates to work which is not sessional or time bound, and which depends on agreed actions being completed and outcomes achieved for a child or family.
Seventeen bills (13 public and 4 private) were passed during the fall sessional period that ended on December 5, 2014.
The local districts covered by the order include: The area comprised of the city of Liverpool, the county boroughs of Birkenhead, Bootle and Wallasey, the urban district of Ellesmere Port and Whitby, and the petty sessional division of Wirral, in the County of Chester, and the petty sessional division of Southport, Birkdale, Ormskirk and Prescot, in the County of Lancaster.
The money will go towards the recruitment of a sports co-ordinator, sessional coaches and to purchase specialist equipment.