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Start serving just above the knot, leaving a loop around the upright of about 1/2 inch.
It's high-velocity serving is marked by more errors than good serves and by a lot of movement with the blocking, which create touches that increase the size of the court--signifying that the velocity is greater than the reaction time.
Manny served on several subcommittees to the board, chairing the long-range planning and finance committee, before eventually serving as chairman of the overall board.
While Schultz has been serving his community he also has served the profession including stints as CalCPA president and Accounting Education Committee Chair, and as an 11-year member of the Government Relations Committee.
Envirokidz Orangutan O's contain organic ingredients and are considerably lower in sodium than Multi-Grain Cheerios; however, they have more sugar per serving than Multi-Grain Cheerios.
Thibodeau has been active in IABC since 1995, serving on the district board.
But as DSL and cable modems increase the user's connection speed, users can detect which Web servers are serving pages quickly.
of Metallurgy, serving as president of the latter for 10 years.
It's a question of why a CEO is serving on another board and what the corporate benefit is for enabling the CEO to do so.
In Letter Ruling 9514008, the IRS determined that a payment to a lawyer employed by a personal service corporation law firm, for serving in his own capacity on a client's board of directors, was income to the lawyer, and not to the firm.
On April 23, 1971 while serving as JPD Board Member at Large, Fairbairn died in an automobile accident.
* outlines insurance company attitudes, requirements, and risk management strategies in insuring youth serving agencies.
The funded affiliate agrees to make every effort to continue serving deaf-blind persons once the grant period ends.
Jackson, who was a tax policy advocate for the Small Business Administration, said serving on the task force offered an opportunity to prepare conference delegates and participants for the complicated tax issues affecting them.
SINNER Bachelor's Asparagus soup, 143 calories per serving.