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Could I but meet this same Robin Hood I would serve it upon his dainty body, and if he minded it not I would beat him till every one of his ribs would cry Amen.
Fourscore bright angels hath the Sheriff promised me if I serve the warrant upon the knave's body, and ten of them will I give to thee if thou showest me him.
No man shall see my warrant till I serve it upon yon fellow's own body.
Now, ill betide thee, traitor staff," cried Robin, as it fell from his hands; "a foul stick art thou to serve me thus in mine hour of need.
Michael, out of love, would serve Steward, but Michael lorded it over the kinky-head.
I had to serve at the meals, which the captain took at regular hours, sitting down with the officer who was off duty; all the day through I would be running with a dram to one or other of my three masters; and at night I slept on a blanket thrown on the deck boards at the aftermost end of the round-house, and right in the draught of the two doors.
He serves on the school's Facilities Development Committee, and for the last two years has worked to raise funds for a new campus.
Barton currently serves as National Senior Vice Commander.
Heermann has been president of the Nebraska MTA and currently serves as Nebraska's MTNA Senior Competitions chair.
He also serves as secretary to the Quality and Standards Management Committee of the Board of Directors, and as Administrator of the TAPPI/ANSI Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO Technical Committee 6.
He continues to live in La Ronge, where he serves half-time as parish priest and the other half in episcopal ministry.
The team on offense receives 20 serves from the defense team.
He is a member of the Board of Trustees of Columbia University and serves as the Chairman of the Buildings and Grounds Committee.
We hereby declare that we shall continue serving in the Israel Defense Forces in any mission that serves Israel's defense.
She currently serves as a business consultant at Andersen LLP in San Francisco, Calif.